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 Dumbing down of cricket terminology - sherlock47

I am surprised that nobody thought to release this proposal on 1st April - or have I 'been had?'

It is not without global precedence, the same thing has been happening in baseball in the land of the free.

Since the organisers wish to replace words that have multiple meanings, based on context, the next word on their list should be balls. Unfortunately their options have been limited by their use of balls ( meaning deliveries), in the context of 'The Hundred'. This means that the word necessary to describe the round spherical objets that the game is played with needs redefining. I would suggest bolxlocks, but it is rendered undisplayable in many contexts.

I am minded to write to The Times , but my proposals would probably be edited to the point of indecipherability by virtue of the number of **********.

Sorry for my attempt at bypassing the filter :)

 Dumbing down of cricket terminology - Manatee
Story deferred from 1 April?

Every interest has its own language. Out is a word with many useful meanings, it doesn't need another one and it doesn't remove any ambiguity for the uninitiated.

I could make a lot silly points.
 Dumbing down of cricket terminology - smokie
The meanings of out...
 ECB backs down! - sherlock47

let us wait to see the next crazy suggestion.
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