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 How to... - Crankcase
Just a bit of fun. Launch Google (or Bing). Type

How to

What do you get as a prediction for the rest of the sentence?

Mine is how to...make pancakes

 How to... - No FM2R
How to ... get away with murder
 How to... - Bromptonaut
Ignoring one that clearly related to a previous question it was make pancakes.

Several others related to getting Covid tests.
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 How to... - sooty123
How to... talk to girls at parties vod
 How to... - smokie
How to... edit FSTAB

Hmmm I must get out more!!
 How to... - Crankcase
I'm quite glad I didn't suggest that tomorrow you must do whatever it is. I'd be ok other than burning down the kitchen. Still, maybe Mark and I could combine our tasks.
 How to... - No FM2R
The previous was Google, so I tried Bing, which I haven't ever used as far as I know.

How to ... arsenio
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 How to... - Crankcase
arsenio leads to an interesting summation of a film, and reminded me of the Samantha joke, where she was once a producer in the theatre and was under great pressure to pull off Twelve Angry Men.
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 How to... - Zero
How to... Make American Biscuits
 How to... - CGNorwich
How to train your dragon
 How to... - Duncan
1. Make pancakes
2. Delete Instagram account.
3. Lose weight fast.
4. Screenshot on Mac.
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 How to... - legacylad
To wit to woo
 How to... - Fullchat
1. Vent a cooker hood.
2. Remove spilled milk on a car carpet. [ Probably to research a question on here :) ]
 How to... - R.P.
To wit to who too
 How to... - Ambo
...spell podiatry.
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