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 Ubu - Crankcase
You have to be a certain sort of person to enjoy this website.

Unluckily for me I am. You probably are not but just in case.

It's very very strange. And it's deliberately not changed in format since the last century.

But I do like their website policy:

No sniffers, no trackers, no GDPR, no ads, no cookies, no data collection, no marketing, no mailing list, no donation box, no scraping, no terms & conditions, no permission, no money. Who you are and what you do are no business of ours.

 Ubu - Duncan
At a quick glance - 'fences of Australia' - they don't make many concessions, do they?
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 Ubu - smokie
Interestingly Malwarebytes tells me

"Website blocked due to trojan"
Website blocked:

"Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
"We strongly recommend you do not continue."

so I'll just rely on others :-)

But just to put your mind at ease I seem to get this fairly frequently and I'm pretty sure it is often a false positive.
 Ubu - Crankcase
I really like that we can as a society afford to have this kind of stuff, and have fun deciding whether it's pretentious carp or just pretentious carp.

I'm really taken with the idea of the Aspen boxes on there.

Unique box delivered to your door every so often containing who knew what before it arrived. Postcard. Piece of art. A recording, an essay, perhaps a film as well all on a rough theme. Next time, different box, different contents, different theme.

That's a great idea. Ran from 1965 to 1971 apparently so time for a comeback.

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