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 Volcano cam - Crankcase
Just in case anyone is interested, a live feed from the currently erupting volcano in Iceland is running here:
 Volcano cam - Zero
looks a bit like my hob when I tired to make jam once.
 Volcano cam - CGNorwich
>> looks a bit like my hob when I tired to make jam once.

i quite like making jam and marmalade not suffered any disaster yet. at least nothing to compare wiht the Great Hob Disaster of '98. We had a brand new ceramic hob and I was preparing dinner pending the arrival of my wife home from work.

We had an electric deep fat fryer at the time which being a little short or of work surface had been parked, full of oil, on the hob. The frier had a plastic base and outer shell. I had put on a pan of water for the vegetables and was watching the football results pending it coming to the boil.

Unfortunatley I had put on the wrong heating ring, the one under the fryer

Being engrossed in the TV I didn't notice until I smelt the acrid fumes and discover the hob was now coveed r in brown molten plastic which was dripping onto the newly laid kitchen floor. The fryer was now at a crazy angle and decanting cooking olil into the mix.

A that moment the doorbell rang. My wife was back after a stressful day at work...
 Volcano cam - Bromptonaut
>> Unfortunatley I had put on the wrong heating ring, the one under the fryer

My brother out law put our electric kettle on the gas hob. It was, I think, our son's 21st and Mrs B and I were sleeping in the caravan on the drive. The Lad and his sister were PTSL when they came out to report why the house smelled of molten plastic and the smoke alarm was going.

 Volcano cam - Crankcase
Ah, kitchen disasters. This poor lady, for example...

 Volcano cam - Bobby
What about the view from a drone
 Volcano cam - Haywain
"What about the view from a drone"

Reminds me of a boil I once knew.
 Volcano cam - henry k
Far less activity this morning.

Compare with a time lapse from a few days ago.
 Volcano cam - Crankcase
Thanks henry. I was hoping to find a time lapse video, so ta.

In return, here is some awfully pretty drone footage. They got very close!
 Volcano cam - No FM2R

Sometime in the early 90s I was Arenal in Costa Rica. A fantastic and awesome site as it blew rocks into the air and lava ran down the outside. I particularly enjoyed swimming in the streams which were hotter than one would have a bath.

I hear there's a hotel and resort there now, which I am sure has spoiled the visits, but I expect the sight is still awesome.
 Volcano cam - Zero
I had a nice time in North East Sicily, Arrived ok, stayed in a hotel near Taormina, was having dinner one evening in the village to the scenes of Etna starting to belch smoke, next morning the hotel foyer and my car was covered in about an inch of pumice dust.

Flight home was diverted as Etna was throwing rocks onto Catania airports runway.
 Volcano cam - Crankcase
The jam's boiling over somewhat more now.
 Volcano cam - legacylad
Frying tonight.
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