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 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - Falkirk Bairn
Berwick Academy sacked a Maths teacher for whistleblowing!

The school inspectors were in and the Management team decided to hide the unruliest in the squash courts.

Ged Thomas made the DfE & Ofsted aware of the deceit - he was then sacked because of this action and comments on social media.

I can remember a Senior Management inspection of the Edinburgh Office - there were more than the odd member of staff with drink problems - off hand I think 3 spent the morning in the store / cleaners room - just in case they were asked a question at their desk.
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - zippy
The social media postings were probably not a good idea.

I think whistleblowing is important. We have clear guidance at work including a third party company that we can use. Whistleblowing about the company as a whole is also encouraged - e.g. if we breach a regulation on the basis that the sooner we find it and report it, the lower the fine and reputational damage will be.

I know the NHS can be difficult with whistle blowers.

When Miss Z was in her second year at a large southern hospital there were some nights on call where she was the only doctor available and it put patient's lives at risk. Things came to a head when there were 2 crashes at the same time at other ends of the hospital and she was the only doctor there.

She did protest through the Trust channels and took advice from her mentor.

There were some quick changes with more doctors available within a couple of nights.

A couple of the senior registrars that should have been onsite but were not, had to go elsewhere.

A couple of weeks later she reported that a very senior doctor from the Trust came up to her after a training course (having never met her before) and asked, in good humour, if the changes now met with her satisfaction!
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - No FM2R
>>The social media postings were probably not a good idea.

There's always more to these stories than we're told, and I should think it is exactly around the Social Media posts.
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - R.P.
I did it once, I was unexpectedly backed by a colleague. It was quite a difficult time, but well worth it. It had the desired result - I occasionally contemplate the consequences - I would say it's not an easy place to be - I can imagine that younger employees would crap themselves. Two former professionals doing it though is a different matter.
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 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - Lygonos
I give my better trainees written personal references after they move on (those I haven't employed!) so they never feel they have to accept crap in subsequent posts for fear of a bad reference from vindictive managers/employers.

Goes back to my first hospital jobs working for first rate consultants who gave me the same - having a couple of good references in your pocket gives you confidence to not take BS from management!
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - tyrednemotional
>> I give my better trainees written personal references after they move on

..."you'll be very lucky if you get this man to work for you"....

..."during his time with us, X has fulfilled his duties entirely to his satisfaction"....
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - No FM2R
His team will follow him anywhere, mostly out of curiosity.
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - sooty123
After he left it was like gaining three experienced men.
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - legacylad
“ I hope he joins you as he left us. Fired with enthusiasm”
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - Zero
"I can assure you that no person would be better for the job"
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - Robin O'Reliant
"We are delighted to be able to give this person a reference".
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - Zero
 Teacher wins unfair dismissal case - tyrednemotional
...they can be odd things, references.

I was once sent a "proforma" request (from Cable and Wireless ISTR) to provide a reference for someone who had recently worked for me.

Geoff deserved a decent reference, but I swear the proforma format invited responses on only two matters, namely timeliness and tidiness, with a (very) small box on the bottom for any further comment.

It wasn't missing pages, as there was space for the date and my signature/details at the bottom.

I really did feel like adding "he is a paragon of timekeeping, and a picture of sartorial elegance..................but his work is cr*p"

I rather thought that the irony might be missed, and it would play against him, so I didn't.

(He got the job)
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