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 Teeter-totter wall (US Term meaning see-saw) - No FM2R
If Something wins what I consider to be an arty-farty design or fashion award then I tend towards dismissal of it as of no possible value to normal life. Yes, I know, I'm a Stone Age Philistine. And yes, I also know that there were no Stone Age Philistines, they missed by at least 1,000 years.

However, I think this project is both impressive and admirable. And thought provoking also.

I'm not really sure why it took 10 years or why they were only in place for 20 minutes, but what do I, a self-confessed Stone Age Philistine, know.
 Teeter-totter wall (US Term meaning see-saw) - Crankcase
That's brilliant, but yes, those numbers really ought to be the other way round.

It reminds me of Action Park.
 Teeter-totter wall (US Term meaning see-saw) - zippy
Thanks for sharing Mark.

Just goes to show, peoples are closer than Govts would have us believe.
 Teeter-totter wall (US Term meaning see-saw) - MD
Hi Mark I saw this in the press. It made me smile immeasurably, which of course is quite rare! Brilliant. Which ruddy fool/s took it down?
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