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 Random Amazon order - Rudedog
Received a parcel today... not expecting anything from eBay and I don't buy from Amazon anymore, wife does order books for her Kindle but had a bad expensive experience when her Amazon account was still setup for one-click buying (very quickly turned off).

So the Amazon parcel was a mystery... opened it and it was a pack of six 'Panda' bamboo toilet rolls!!!

I've checked both our accounts and nothing is showing.. I guess I just put it to one side for a period of time and see if I'm contacted??

 Random Amazon order - Zero
Its a well known scam - of sorts. Its an amazon seller building up fake high satisfaction ratings...

Its of no harm to you.
 Random Amazon order - legacylad
It’s called ‘brushing’.
Are they black and white ? least you can wipe your chi chi with them.
 Random Amazon order - tyrednemotional
>> least you can wipe your chi chi with them.

...more likely his "an an".
 Random Amazon order - bathtub tom
Sister-in-law had twenty-odd cordless keyboards delivered when she was expecting flowers. Amazon and delivery company wanted nothing to do with them as she was the addressee.
Guess what I and every other relative got for Christmas? I've got no equipment I can use it on.
 Random Amazon order - Zero
Its not just any panda, its cheeky panda

Is there still a bog roll shortage?
 Random Amazon order - VxFan
Tesco were selling these bog rolls a little while ago. £3 for a pack of 9. Bought some to try and thought they were excellent bum wipes, and good value for money too.
 Random Amazon order - Rudedog
Well I have some I could sell you..... only £10 a pack plus postage!
 Random Amazon order - smokie
Were they double sided?
 Random Amazon order - VxFan
No, but as they were made from bamboo, you had to watch out for splinters.
 Random Amazon order - DP
We had a child's toy that we didn't order (and were never charged for) arrive randomly in December. Correct name and address, but we had never placed the order.

Did an online chat with Amazon customer services, who simply told us to dispose of it as we saw fit. I was assuming that, as it hadn't been opened, they'd want it back to resell.

It's incredible how these online retailers work when it comes to returns. We had a £400 piece of furniture that developed a fault after several months. Spoke to their customer service and sent a couple of pictures. Offered a refund or exchange almost immediately, but they didn't want the old one back. We actually had to insist they come pick it up, as it would have been a pain to take to the tip.
 Random Amazon order - smokie
We ended up with a £1000 garden furniture set free from Costco as some of the mosaics lifted after a few months so they refunded us (without us even asking for that!) and told us to keep it.

I have obviously repaired it but it does seem to be a bit of a design fault as different bits have lifted over time.
 Random Amazon order - CGNorwich
Furniture has a huge mark up. I doubt that the retailer paid much more than £50 to £100 for the item. Once used it’s going to be scrapped on return anyway so cheaper to let you keep it
 Random Amazon order - bathtub tom
The fiddling so and so's delivered a tube of toothpaste to me today, in lieu of a £150 mobile phone. I found it pushed through the letterbox. Delivery details online claimed it was handed to me.

I thought something strange was going on yesterday, when they claimed they couldn't deliver as there was no reply - I was sitting, having a cuppa at the time stated on the card pushed silently through the letterbox.
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