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 North Korea - No FM2R

Every time, *EVERY* time there is a new President, including Trump, NK starts another round of dangling a carrot or waving a stick which will ultimately come to nothing.

There were a series of documentaries on The History Channel here the other week, from their struggle for independence from Japan to the present day. Very interesting and worth seeking out if the subject interests you.

One of the things it mentioned is that over the years there is a cycle from the US politicians. Each and every one maintains that a strong approach should be taken and NK told to behave in threatening terms.

Then, as the politician gets into power and a position to do something about it, they are confronted with the reality of challenging an unbalanced and vengeful head of a Nuclear nation.

Kind of what many must have felt facing Trump, I guess.
 North Korea - Zero
I don't think anyone in the west is scared him, his missiles couldn't hit the side of a house, his army is so poorly fed they couldn't get within the shouting distance of Seoul. No-one is prepared to wade in there tho because they are all sheet scared of China.

Nothing has changed since 1953. And thats the way China wants it.
 North Korea - No FM2R
He could attack South Korea with ballistic weapons though, and it'd be difficult for the rest of the world to avoid involvement in such a war.

However, waiting it out is very much the best plan. NK will eventually crumble, though it could take a long time.

Seek out the documentaries though, if you're not already familiar. The evolution of the world's only communist hereditary dynasty is fascinating.
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 North Korea - No FM2R
BTW, not The History Channel, actually Nat Geo.

"Inside North Korea" is a series of 4 or 5 documentaries.
 North Korea - Zero
The Korean War: An Epic Conflict 1950-1953 by Max Hastings is very good, and I have an as yet unwatched korean dramatized film of Operation Chromite on the PVR.
 North Korea - Manatee
Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un's grandad, Kim Il Sung, is President. Kim Jong Il, his dad, is head of the defence forces.

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il have both been dead for some time.

DRPK is an atheist state but the ruling family are gods. The whole thing is mad.

The problem with mad people, and possibly gods, is that you never know what they might do next.

In a way the USA is nearly as bad - Presidents all claim to be religious, thank god most of them are lying about it. The trouble with genuinely religious people is you're never quite sure what sure what god will tell them to do next.
 North Korea - Netsur
The benefit of genuinely religious people is you're perfectly sure what sure what God will tell them to do next. It will usually be 'carry on as you are'.

People who think they are genuinely religious but are actually mad are the ones to worry about.

Any 'religion' or sect thereof that locks its adherents into a community from which they cannot escape without putting their life in danger or destroying family relationships is bad. The ultra-observant parts of the three Abrahamic faiths do a good line in this. The Wee-Frees, the Hareidim and Salafists are good examples.
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 North Korea - No FM2R
>>People who think they are genuinely religious but are actually mad are the ones to worry about.

"mad" is a difficult line to draw when talking about a belief system.
 North Korea - zippy
I dislike lending to ultra religious people because I was defrauded by one years ago.

His company was running out of money when he committed the fraud and when questioned said he truly believed that his particular deity would see him right and allow him to repay the bank.

His actions put a few dozen people at his firm out of work and impacted a few of his suppliers quite hard.

Silly thing is he could have asked upfront for a review for extra facilities and we would probably would have lent it.
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