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 October Holidays - zippy
My eldest was at home this weekend and insisted that we go on holiday in the last week of October (as that's when she can get some leave).

I think we will avoid the EU just in case, but does anyone think flights from other areas of the world will be impacted (say Turkey or Morocco)?

Or should we just take the risk?
 October Holidays - smokie
I can imagine that if (and it's a big IF) any EU flights are affected it will have a knock on effect on all other flights as planes will be in the wrong places, and landing/take off schedules could be affected.

IMO, if anything, it's more likely it will affect your immigration (either way) rather than the actual flight.

But I'd go with the risk as I think it's extremely small.
 October Holidays - Zero
In theory a shed load could be affected, but as we were never in shengen, and getting through british airports is always a PITA, then no, like Smokie I think air travel will be BAU . (B loody awful usually)
 October Holidays - Bromptonaut
If there's an issue with flights it's most likely to affect 'third country' carriers.

Flying from UK to Spain with a UK or Spanish carrier should be OK. Less certain what position might be with Wizz (Hungarian) to the Baltics.
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