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 Election questionnaires - smokie
The Beeb has an article about whether quizzes help you decide who to vote for.

I have deliberately put this in it's own thread to avoid contaminating the existing one. Personally I didn't take long on them, or bother qualifying any of my answers but it was interesting for a minute or three. I'm not even sure I was that consistent with some answers because on some things I don't have strong views. had me slightly Con, LibDem close 2nd

On I am LibDem by a country mile, Tory 2nd also had me as LibDem by quite a wide margin scores me Economic Left/Right: -4.63, Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.08 - which is somewhere near Gandhi

I wonder if many people decide who they will be voting for based on this sort of thing?

 Election questionnaires - devonite
2-1 in favour of Labour - zero UKIP! (i only did the first three)
Exactly the opposite of how i feel, I would vote Ukip first, then Con, then Lab, - the quizzes have me all wrong!! ;-)
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 Election questionnaires - legacylad
The first ( and only) survey I did had me neck & neck between UKIP & Conservative. With Labour just ahead of LibDems.
I would never consider voting UKIP though
 Election questionnaires - Dog
I've already voted - postal.
 Election questionnaires - Harleyman
>> I've already voted - postal.

Cheers for the reminder Dog; knew there was something I had to do before I go on me hols.
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