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 The Arrogance Of Councils - zippy
Eastbourne Council to sell of Beachy Head

I similar situation in my ex's town. In the late 1800's / early 1900's the local people purchased some land called "The Archery" which was used for sports and gave it to the council for the use of the people.

In the '50s the council turned the Victorian terrace in to an arts college and the rest of the land had an "office block" type technical college added with workshops behind. This was fine with the locals as it was still being used for local people.

The college was moved to the town center in the 2000's and the Archery site sold to developers who are totally over developing the site (which is in a conservancy area) with over 25 homes per acre!

Locals are protesting that the sale to developers precluded "use of the people" but the council had expensive lawyers and won!

 The Arrogance Of Councils - Dog
>>with over 25 homes per acre!

Little boxes made of ticky tacky and they all look just the same no doubt.
 The Arrogance Of Councils - devonite
They are paying a high price now for their generosity! They should have leased it, that way they may still have held claim to it and it's future uses! - "Back-stabbed" springs to mind!
 The Arrogance Of Councils - Ambo
>>25 homes per acre!

Interesting. I calculate that at this rate I have room for 5 in my back garden although the (likely) 10 resulting cars could only get out by passing a few inches from my front door.
 The Arrogance Of Councils - Haywain
'Arrogance' is exactly the right word for them. A couple of years ago, I asked the council if they could reduce the height/density of their unmanaged trees as they are blocking the t.v. signals from Tacolneston (Freeview) to the east and satellite (Freesat) to the south of our house.

I was told that I had no right to a television signal. The council makes a lousy neighbour.
 The Arrogance Of Councils - CGNorwich
Isn't this all a bit over hyped?

The land is farmland. Is going to remain farmland and part of a national park with all the restrictions on development that entails.

Talk of high density housing seem to be a wild exaggeration.
 The Arrogance Of Councils - zippy
There risk is the current pub and visitors center will be changed to something akin to Lands End and the farms expanded to become holiday villages / caravan sites. The NT owns some of the land (Telscomb) so that should be safe.
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