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 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - No FM2R
Nothing particularly remarkable except that this quote caught my eye....

"Had I known this could happen, I would have got citizenship.

Not "I wouldn't have committed the crimes", not "I wouldn't have taken drugs" just "I would have got citizenship".

Australia should dropkick her across the border PDQ. Its just a pity that she's a Brit and will come our way.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - Armel Coussine
>> Australia should dropkick her across the border PDQ.

Australia will be grateful for that advice FMR.

I have to say though that this rather awful woman sounds more fun than you do. Clearly she is a practical soul.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - No FM2R
She killed her abusive step father, has just been in prison for *aggravated* burglary, and apparently has an extensive history of similarly anti-social crime. You have a rather strange definition of "fun".

Bit early for the bottle, isn't it?
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - devonite
>> Australia should dropkick her across the border PDQ.

There's a lesson Britain should learn PDQ!
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - No FM2R
Absolutely. No appeal, no argument, significantly break the law and you're out. Whatever.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - devonite
Ironically, Australia is mainly populated by the descendants of "Wrongdoers" that we used to deport PDQ! - what went wrong?
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - Armel Coussine
>> Bit early for the bottle, isn't it?

You do have a romantic view of my life FMR, toping from morning till night. Actually I won't touch a drop for another two or even three hours. I'm just like this naturally.

We're going out for a drink this evening. Not far though, less than 100 yards actually. Good arrangements we have here, oh yes.
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 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - legacylad
Somebody in t'pub tonight said she hadn't seen her four eldest children for a while. Sounds like she's a waste of organs and a good example for 'Soylent Green'.
I can't disagree with that
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - Bromptonaut
Victim of abuse to extent killing the perp seems to have been treated as justifiable homicide.

Drugs. Really more of a medical problem than criminal. Wonder why Oz's health and social services failed to help her sooner.

But hey, she's just another crim for those who are comfortable and well of to write off.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - No FM2R
Even in Australia drugs are not compulsory. And they are a criminal problem in that Australia has chosen to make some of them against the law.

Aggravated burglary? That presumably means breaking into someone's house and using violence once in there.|

So you offer her somewhere to live when she gets back.

And reaction was not "I regret my crimes". Her reaction was "I regret not getting my citizenship so that I could still do my crimes but they couldn't kick me out.

But hey, she's just another career and habitual criminal uncaring of her own responsibilities or the rights of others for the left-wing, sanctimonious do-gooders to bleat about.
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 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - Bromptonaut
Even in Australia once some event or misfortune has inveigled you into substance abuse the road back is hard to get to and twice as hard again to stay on. And it seems Oz legislators are as dumb as those here, in US and multiple other jurisdictions as to the futility of prohibition.

Theft or burglary to support the habit? Bog standard option without medical and social support to do the other thing.

If she'd been a habitual practitioner of banking fraud with a portfolio of soberly ill gotten investments I'd have more sympathy with your POV.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - No FM2R
Oh I entirely agree on prohibition. Absolutely, totally.

And sadly AGGRAVATED burglary to support the habit is common.

However, she still did it, she knowingly and repeatedly broke the law, and she is not Australian. So why should they deal with the problem?

She did these things. Perhaps there are reasons, perhaps its understandable, perhaps it warrants sympathy, but she still did them. And as a truck driver who falls asleep at the wheel and splats a cyclist must pay for killing the cyclist, not just for falling asleep at the wheel, then she should pay for aggravated burglary, not just for taking drugs.

Throwing her out is totally acceptable, as I would support throwing anybody out of the UK in similar situations.

I would agree with your point of view if this situation involved her own country throwing her out. But it doesn't. No reason why Australia shouldn't deal with if they choose to, no reason why they should have to if they choose not to.

This is where I seem to fall in between two camps.

-I would allow anybody to live in any country they chose, including the UK, wherever they were from.

-However, I would not permit them state funding (health, education, benefits etc) until they had significantly contributed to the state (taxes, NI, whatever)and I would throw them right back out again if they broke the law [significantly].

Reference your comment about medical and social support, she didn't lament her misdeeds, nor the lack of support. She merely regretted not getting her citizenship so that she could "get away with it" without being deported.

As far as your comment on banking fraud etc. is concerned; one act does not excuse or lessen the other.

 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - idle_chatterer
There has been reporting of these sorts of situations in the news over here of late. IIRC the law changed relatively recently such that a jail term of over 12 months automatically cancels non citizens visas'. This person has fallen foul of this. Most of the news stories we see are with respect to New Zealanders who have found themselves in similar situations.

Citizenship laws have changed over the past 30 years and once there was perhaps no need for people to formally adopt it, I have been surprised by just how many people don't travel and don't have a passport and it is at that point which I have heard of (mostly elderly) residents having to go through administrative hoops. Incidentally, had this lady travelled outside Australia at any point she would have encountered problems in re-entering the country without evidence of her right of abode anyhow.

I'd suggest that the Law, Policing, Social and Medical support facilities in Australia are broadly similar to the UK and (incidentally) the Trans-Tasman agreement is very like the relationship between the UK and the EU in matters of immigration, travel and benefit entitlement.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - Dutchie
She came to Australia when she was two.A baby and now is going to be send back to the UK?

Have the Aussies lost their marbles or is it just the way they are.Get her help in the country she has lived all her live.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - Lygonos

I'm guess the lady in this thread won't be getting half of the Ozzie population to sign a petition for her to stay in Oz.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - rtj70
Ignoring the things she has done that were illegal, without getting citizenship I am surprised she's been allowed to stay this long. Arrive as a 2 year old and the assumption must be you're going to end up a citizen.

If I turned up there with young kids... could we just say. Hypothetical question.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - idle_chatterer

>> If I turned up there with young kids... could we just say. Hypothetical question.

rtj70, I don't think it's much different to the UK actually. Specifically you have to live here for 4 years with at least one of which being on a permanent residence visa before you can apply to be a citizen. There is a citizenship test for most applicants too (although I suspect this individual may have been exempt from that given when she migrated). I also think she may have had to be resident for a shorter period of time to qualify as a British Citizen back then, the rules have been harmonised for all citizens over time (and with a landmark judgement defining British Citizens as aliens despite having the same head of state). All part of the unwinding of the legal relationship between the two countries.

Had her parents obtained citizenship before she was 18 then she'd have obtained it automatically, I'm guessing they didn't bother either. She could have applied in her own right (possibly free of charge) at any time after 16 I think, in your hypothetical scenario the kids could probably eventually obtain citizenship even if you didn't.

The nature of permanent residence in Aus is that if you don't travel then your visa status will likely never actually need to be checked, haven't there been similar examples in the UK press? Her behaviour with respect to obeying the law and choosing (consciously or otherwise) not to pursue the privilege of citizenship to which she was previously entitled have caused her situation. Whilst there may be an argument for compassion, is there no room for personal responsibility in all this ?

 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - Falkirk Bairn
Maybe a lesson for courts in the UK to get shot of many foreigners that fill up UK Prisons.

After all we have enough criminals, born in the UK, who should be locked up but cannot get in because the prisons are fill of others who could/should be deported.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - R.P.
Quite funny in many ways.

If the shoe was on the other foot - and lets say she was a person of Asian origin having done the same in this country - the rabid hordes would be out screaming for her deportation.

Lots of people online seem to admire Australian practices regarding immigration these days and the forthright ways they apply them. Im sure the Aboriginal Native Australians rue the day they didn't apply the same policies to the hordes of European immigrants that invaded their shores after the continent's "discovery" by the West.
 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - idle_chatterer

>> Lots of people online seem to admire Australian practices regarding immigration these days and the
>> forthright ways they apply them. Im sure the Aboriginal Native Australians rue the day they
>> didn't apply the same policies to the hordes of European immigrants that invaded their shores
>> after the continent's "discovery" by the West.

Are you aware that it is (was actually) National Sorry day when you posted this ?

 Australia to deport mother-of-five..... - R.P.
:-) I wasn't.
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