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 Who's who? - Badwolf
Evening all,

I've been reading some of your posts and I'm not entirely sure who's who. Obviously, I'm using the same name as I did over on the Dark Side but I know that some people aren't. So, if you're using a different name here who did you used to be?

Apologies if this has been done - I did a quick search but couldn't find the answer.

 Who's who? - smokie
Aww come on, that's all part of the fun!! Remember Squeak Piggy Squeak?? (OK, showing my age again!!)

IMO one of the best things about this is that we get to start again. I happen to have chosen the same name and same persona, but one could take the opportunity to become someone else completely...
 Who's who? - Badwolf
That's true I guess but it's a little like meeting up with old friends only to find that one or two are wearing disguises. Most odd... :-)
 Who's who? - Pat
I find it very odd too Badwolf and seem to be in a perpetual state of confusion!
I suspect it's only fun to those who recognise the others, and for the rest of us it's bit inhibiting, but there we are.
Last week I was having email conversations with people with an old familiar username and at the same time an online conversation with another person who turned out to be one and the same.....very bizarre.

Even more bizarre though is the need for subterfuge, what's that all about?

The fun side I understand, but I use a few lorry drivers forums, and none of them preclude me from using another one.
I don't feel obligated, or that I have to hide the fact that I use another site either.
I'm an adult, capable of making choices and more to the point, I'm also more than prepared to stand up and be counted for the choice I make.

It's the one mystery I don't understand but think it must be because I've never understood the Freemasons either ( or is it the Buffs?)!

Maybe you're all still big kids at heart:)

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 Who's who? - car4play
Pat you make a really, really good point here.

If I had a rating system I would have given you full marks.
..oops did I say something I shouldn't have done?
 Who's who? - tyro
Yes, pat, I am just a big kid.

I loved "Squeak Piggy Squeak"! I still do, obviously.

It would be a little frustrating if one never learned the identify of other folk. So I have promised that I will go back to my old alias when I'm identified.

Or even before, if Humph doesn't hurry up.

 Who's who? - Runfer D'Hills
OK already ! - Hi Tyro !
 Who's who? - Pat
well at the very least it might alleviate Lings paranoia (sp?) !!

 Who's who? - Zero
>> well at the very least it might alleviate Lings paranoia (sp?) !!

Nope - that wont do it.
 Who's who? - tyro
Humph, you didn't disappoint me.

But I'm still seriously impressed. How did you do it?
 Who's who? - Runfer D'Hills
I could tell you.....but then I'd have to etc........

 Who's who? - Statistical Outlier
Morning Pat,

Excellent point, I've a lot of sympathy for your confusion. I never have been able to understand Oilrags posts, but I think I probably enjoy them more as a result.

I've gone more incognito this time, 'Gordon M' was a little too identifiable given all the other detail about myself that I like to post sometimes. No problem with you or 99% of the people on here knowing who I am and where to find me in real life, but that's because I know something of you and judge you to be a good egg. There are the occasional on here that I do not want to be able to contact me in my 'real' life.

Plus my Honda is always broken, and if that doesn't qualify me as an outlier, what does? (And yes, it's currently broken. Again.)


P.S. I'm somewhat relying on this post disappearing into the mists of time, otherwise my more anonymous moniker idea won't work terribly well. :-)
 Who's who? - crocks
Don't tell him, Pike !
 Who's who? - bathtub tom
I changed my name on here because when I joined that seemed to be the 'norm'. Although most remained identifiable. I assumed it was some sort of tongue-in-cheek game.

Perhaps we're worried a skinny man in a hat will come after us with his mates?
 Who's who? - Pat
I think you're all doing it on purpose to feed Lings paranoia:)

 Who's who? - rtj70
Which is why I've reverted to plain old rtj70 again - without the moderator wand ;-)
 Who's who? - car4play
It's been good to have both rtj70 and hondadriver here as mods for a while. The mod to user ratio has been high and being non-mods for a season allows them a freedom to be themselves more and simply enjoy being here.
Please endeavour to make life pleasant for the remaining mods here. Thanks ;-)
 Who's who? - Zero
And I wonder how much hastle that Ling kicked up was instrumental in moderators wishing to give up the job.
 Who's who? - R.P.
Nothing I was close to quitting in HJ anyway - selling up and moving house sort of occupies me. I've enjoyed most of my time moderating, lots of stuff has changed in my life in the last twelve months, I've ended up changing almost everything hobbies included, time to move on......been a pleasure (it really has been)
 Who's who? - FotheringtonTomas
>> Lings paranoia

It isn't "paranoia".

Many people do use the same password for many different things, trivial (this site's authentication, perhaps) and important (banking passwords, perhaps - you name it). They shouldn't - of course they shouldn't, but many do not question the safety of their passwords - it's beyond their consideration. Ling has linked, perhaps by invitation, her site to this one. Should leakage of passwords occur, it's a big problem - users must be protected from the consequence of their ignorance, and any data leaked are potentially problematic.

You'll be telling me next that the most popular password is not "password"!
 Who's who? - Zero
she hasnt linked her site to this.
 Who's who? - FotheringtonTomas
>> she hasnt linked her site to this.

If she hasn't, then it's being considered, hence the discussion. From another thread (Ling:) "I was specifically asked to link and invite my website users here.".

However, I do not think it appropriate to discuss the particular - general discussion would be enough. Leakage of personal details is unacceptable, and must be avoided by any site.
 Who's who? - Vicar of Bray
Reading about `leakage` on lings thread has cast a cloud over both forums for me.
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 Who's who? - Mapmaker
Leakage is inevitable. Or at least, a user should assume that leakage is inevitable and accordingly post nothing on the 'net that he wouldn't put in a personal ad in The Times.

And that includes putting email addresses into the "register" box of an internet forum. You actually have NO idea who anybody here is. Nor on any other forum.

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 Who's who? - car4play
>> >> she hasnt linked her site to this.
>> If she hasn't then it's being considered hence the discussion. From another thread (Ling:) "I
>> was specifically asked to link and invite my website users here.".

I never asked her to link to here. She offered and I said that would be nice.

>> Leakage of personal details is unacceptable and must be avoided by any site.

We haven't had a leak here.

After the relaunch of the Honestjohn website, as you know not developed by us, a private section of the HJ site became not so private for a while. She found this and was publishing information from it. It is no longer there now. I understand that she has also shared private correspondence from HJ here too. Where we have been alerted to this we have edited this out as this is in breach of his confidentiality.

For the record can I just say that the HJ website is a great resource for car and motoring information. They have a good team of people working on it now to deliver content there. HJ as you know is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Like some of you I know this from personal experience. They have just had some unfortunate teething problems while they undergo their relaunch which I am sure they are working on rectifying.

I don't think the direction and feel of Car4play will be the same as HJ. There would be no point in that. I wish them well and continue to work with them, just as I know they wish us well.

Therefore you can be assured that your data is not being shared publicly.
 Who's who? - Zero
Tho it has to be said, that if some of the things she described with reference to mods spoofing other users, actually happened then they have behaved quite disgracefully.

They have sufficient powers (or should have) in the form of blocking, editing in a mods name or revoking a user and do not need to indulge in anything else.
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 Who's who? - LINGsCARS
"a private section of the HJ site became not so private for a while. She found this and was publishing information from it. It is no longer there now."

No, that's completely untrue. Why post stuff that's untrue? You have just completely made that up. I explained exactly how I have got info - some people have been emailing me, anonymously with it.

I'm not worried about data being shared publicly. I'm worried about private databases (or lists) of user emails and plain text passwords, and the abuse of these by mods. And the dangers to people if these escape, accidentally or maliciously.

I'm not dragging this out, because you locked the other thread without answering any of the questions, but you can't just post lies about me.
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 Who's who? - Statistical Outlier
To Ling and the site owners, probably isn't my place, but could I make a suggestion.

There are clearly differences in views between you, but airing them in public is causing quite some damage to the site's standing. I think that's a real shame, as I'm delighted that there is now another option besides the currently non-functioning HJ BR.

Do you think you could resolve this amongst yourselves offline, so to speak, and then issue a joint response to the legitimate issues that have been raised? This public and confrontational approach, especially where most of us have no way of verifying any facts, is not helpful.
 Who's who? - LINGsCARS
Good idea. I did email the bones of this info, but never got a response today (except the public ones) - just for the record.

I will not raise it again unless asked, but really could do without the dissing.

Appreciate the response StatOut. In the meantime, I really, diplomatically and in a friendly manner suggest that a Privacy Policy for the site would be REALLY good. As clearly at the moment, no one knows what the rules are or whether what I suggest is happening is, or isn't true.

Truce (for now :)
 Who's who? - Vicar of Bray
Thanks for the Info on how thIngs got out Stephen. I feel better knowIng that.
A good reason for a fresh start wIth a new nIck, I would have thought.
 Who's who? - Pat
What a good suggestion SO.

I think any further posts on the subject should be removed until it has been resolved privately and that joint statement issued.

Now, let's carry on with the good old light hearted stuff we were never allowed to have before!

 Who's who? - LINGsCARS
Aaaaagh, Pat, just one more teeny reply, please -

The trouble with "privately" is that it involves EVERYONES security, so people really should know about it. There is no other reference, neither when you register, or a security/privacy policy. At the very least it should not be a taboo subject. Agree I was vocal in the other thread. But, lively debate is healthy! No one is deliberately going to put anyone's ID at risk, I completely agree with that. Trouble is, no one ever makes catastrophic mistakes deliberately... Ling Out.
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 Who's who? - LEDFoot
Amen to that
 Who's who? - car4play
>> No that's completely untrue. Why post stuff that's untrue? You have just completely made that
>> up. I explained exactly how I have got info - some people have been emailing
>> me anonymously with it.

Look I really am not interested with your issues with HJ. I suggest you take it up with them.
The information you were publishing was from a private area on his site. It's irrelevant how you got it.
As I have said it before, we don't store or keep copies in emails of passwords in plain text. This was made clear earlier. This is DIFFERENT forum software.

I am not entering into any further discussion with you o this matter because it seems no matter what I or anyone says it will not satisfy you.

Enough said please.
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 Who's who? - LINGsCARS
Ok, but just to say I have had an email apology from a Mod who has admitted posting "as Ling". On THIS forum. THIS forum. Not HJ.

Honarable email, I like the guy.

Someone else here is "whistleblowing" to me. You cannot argue "private area" when it's just a moderator chat room discussing doing forum members over, or verbally beating them up or spoofing their posts. My concern now is not that "we" don't store plain text passwords (I believe you Stephen), but that the Webmaster does, offsite and privately.
Last edited by: LINGsCARS on Mon 1 Mar 10 at 16:57
 Who's who? - rtj70
I posted as a LING not as you though Ling ;-) I thought you'd keep that apology private. Obviously nothing is private with Ling though.

I did not post as LINGs.CARS I posted as LING.CARS and it was a post saying: 'No I am Ling'. It was meant as humour in amongst the rest. Someone could register as a name similar to another and there is nothing on any forum stopping that.

And I'm not a mod anymore anyway.
Last edited by: rtj70 on Mon 1 Mar 10 at 17:07
 Who's who? - LINGsCARS
Well, I did not name you :)

You made no mention in the email of it being private. So no confidence blown there. You said "don't quote me" on some particular stuff, and I haven't, but nothing I did not already know, so no extra info from you, sadly, to add to my knowledge.

As I say, this is not a personal witch hunt, but I won't repeat my main objection (above). Sad if there is fall out, but... you shouldn't have posted. Sorry for being blunt.

But it vindicates my info being correct. NOW I promise not to go on about it. You are a very nice bloke in my opinion, from what I have known of you.

 Who's who? - Zero
You patronising ....

Sorry- edited by car4play:
- even though the swear filter didn't pick this up, need to keep the tone light and jolly here - or as much as we can.
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 Who's who? - Pat
Amen to that.

I've worked in a mans world for 30 yrs and have managed to come out the other end with the respect of my workmates.
IMHO Ling, you give succesful business women a bad name, and make me ashamed to be female.

 Who's who? - Iffy
...a private area...

Nothing is private on the internet, it seems to me.

It's just a matter of how many people know a particular piece of information, and what, if anything, they do with it.

Similarly emails are like postcards, they can be read by people other than the recipient.

They often are not read in such a way, but they can be.

 Who's who? - car4play
We know. That was probably a silly thing to do, but actually he did it more for fun; at least that's what he told me and I can understand that. That didn't require any special Mod privilige though and could have been done by anyone.
Glad he apologised to you. Honerable as you say.

I think I have said enough about the HJ site - ok?

On here the emails sent to the webmaster don't have the user's login passwords in them. So only the person registering knows what it is. The password is private. Happy with that now?

Last edited by: car4play on Mon 1 Mar 10 at 17:10
 Who's who? - LINGsCARS
You knew, but you didn't tell anyone, just made me out to be a troublemaker posting unsubstantiated stuff. Thanks! Got well dissed for my efforts.

Having said that, there is history, as this happened on the HJ site, too (posting as me and then hiding it).


Oh, Stephen, VERY happy with that, if that is the case! The info I had related to the other site, as I so often said.

Why not just declare that no passwords are ever passed on to begin with? That was my VERY FIRST question in my very first post in the other thread. All this could have been avoided by an email reply or a quick answer.

Thanks! Ling
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 Who's who? - car4play
Maybe it's early days and I really didn't know what would make you happy. Glad I have found it now!
 Who's who? - LINGsCARS
Happy - is the protection of users, ... nit :) That is my 100% concern, as my own business stands and falls on that.

Just to see good practice upheld so we can all sleep easily for our respective customer bases. In any case, it's just proper data handling.

And the "Ling" post was clearly flagged as a joke. No password scamming there. But there was a previous incident in the other place, too, and it got wrapped in my password issue.

I still have a problem with historic, but that was not this site so I shut up about it completely (here). The only cloud is that the webmaster here is the same person who did it there. But, that's up to you, if you are happy...
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