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 The struggle to post a pic - Vicar of Bray
Well, i`ve done it before on the other place for the odd quiz and so on - like this.

Take pic on phone, connect it to Eee pc - mass storage - and use FTP to transfer it to my ISP`s web-space. To do that I need to have the correct sequencing of the letters in the link and carefully substitute the new file name (having renamed it to something memorable when on the site - such as Luds car)

That sequence of events was OK if you remembered the URL - and i usually had to dig through the site to find one in my own posting history.

So what, you may think - that`s reasonable.

But i now have a Nokia E63 rather than a Samsung G600 and it seems more sensitive to losing contact with it`s memory card HOWEVER you handle the cable. That`s a time consuming issue as you have to then go into the phone and reset all the options back to `card` from which it automatically reverts.

Why not use Bluetooth to tranfer the pic from phone to FTP to web-space? No bluetooth on Eec Pc..

The Nokia has three options of directly sending the pic to the web (from it`s menue. Ovi, Vox and Flickr.
I joined Vox only to find it`s an email invite Facebook type site. Looking at Flickr it seems you sign up to spam.
Ovi? Don`t know - I assume they would charge for it now or later.

Why not build a regular FTP client into a phone?

There is the Camera of course - memory card into a reader - Ftp to site. but you don`t tend to carry the camera in daily life.

Biggest draw back is that I`m going to have to wade through my old threads over there to find an old link.
I might then take a pic with the Nokia - blue-tooth it over to the old G600 - then Ftp it with the Eee Pc to my web-space.

I`m probably going to have to lie down in a dark room after that so you won`t be overwhelmed with images. ;-)

The pic of Luds car is still on my site (as seen in it`s raw file name by FTP hook-up)- does anyone have a link to it?
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 The struggle to post a pic - Vicar of Bray
Too late to edit - found the link
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