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 iPhone security is broken - Focusless
Just got an email from the IT boss at work. Not having an iPhone it doesn't mean anything to me, and I don't know how relevant it is in the 'real world', but the fact that one of the 'ordinary' IT staff managed it presumably means it could be significant:

For anyone who thinks their iPhone is secure, please read the following

Scroll down to

“Update 17/05/2010: Apple’s iPhone 3GS broken authentication model:”

The result is that even if you have a passcode, your data is still freely available if you (or someone else) plugs your phone into a PC with a recent Linux release, eg Fedora 13, without any sort of authentication.

[One of the IT staff] has tried it and can confirm this.
 iPhone security is broken - Focusless
Somebody's just asked about an update to the OS mentioned on the website ie. whether it fixes it I guess...
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