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 shortest equinox - zookeeper
according to the BBC today is the winter equinox?
 shortest equinox - Duncan
Are you disputing that it is the shortest day and longest night? Is that the definition?

We had the shortest afternoon a few days ago and the shortest morning is still a few days off, but the shortest day?
 shortest equinox - Duncan
Missed the edit.

Link thing to time and date site:-
 shortest equinox - Dog
Compare that to the Canaries, where the day is longer, so you'll live longer living there:

 shortest equinox - R.P.
As alluded to above the earliest sunset was a week or more ago now at around 1535 - the evening has been getting noticeably lighter on fine days. Sunrises still getting later, it will get progressively lighter in the mornings. I get up at 0645 these days. It will be most welcome.
 shortest equinox - bathtub tom
>>winter equinox?

Is there such a thing?

Autumn equinox or Winter solstice?
 shortest equinox - CGNorwich
Today is the winter solstice. The shortest day length of the year

In London Sunrise was at 8.04 AM
Sunset is at 3.53 PM

Day Length 7h 49m 44s

Solar Noon is at 11.59am

the sun is at 15.1 degrees above the horizon

the sun is 91.448 million miles form the earth

Tomorrow the day will be one second longer
 shortest equinox - Stuartli
See this link:
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