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 Weather prediction - BobbyG
Well, thoughts on accuracy?

 Weather prediction - Alanovich
Why would you believe a single, solitary word in that rag?

The BBC weather forecast says very low risk of a white Christmas, let alone The End of the World.

Although I'm sure that at some point over this winter, snow, gales and floods will happen at isolated times in isolated places.
 Weather prediction - Old Navy
Any weather prediction beyond a few days is pure guesswork.
 Weather prediction - Kevin
Wind predictions from the latest NCEP model data:,37.78,403

Click and drag to change view.
 Weather prediction - RattleandSmoke
Well at least if it is blowing a gale it will make Christmas more interesting!

That said I have just done a job in a remote location driving through a lot of trees in a massive gale, heard a few thuds so I just hope there are no dents on my car.

 Weather prediction - Robin O'Reliant
The Express has four stock front page stories.

1/ Diana

2/ Some drug that will prolong your life

3/ House prices

4/ The weather

Each one a piece of sensationalist fiction.
 Weather prediction - helicopter
......Each one a piece of sensationalist fiction......

Wasn't Diana real then Robin?

You'll be telling me that Santa Claus isn't real next.......
 Weather prediction - Dog

Bring it on! - I've got plenty of coal & logs.
 Weather prediction - Crankcase
If you want to see what the wind is doing globally semi-live (updated every three hours) then you might find this interesting. It's certainly pretty enough. Zoom and rotate as you wish.

 Weather prediction - Dog
Interesting Cc, being as I'm an avid weather-watcher, I should have become a weather girl really.

 Weather prediction - Ted

You ain't got the legs Bonzi boy......We've seen 'em !

 Weather prediction - Dog
That's very true Teddo ... I'm a bit lacking in the breast department too.

 Weather prediction - Roger.
....unlike the delectable Carol!
 Weather prediction - Pat
You better sort it out before New Years Eve Dog, we're down for the fancy dress celebrations in Looe!

Might be a bit draughty in a corset, tu tu and fishnet stockings;)


 Weather prediction - Dog
>>tu tu and fishnet stockings;)

I had to look that up (nice) I was thinking of Desmond :)

The Kernow King is on Radio Cornwall over Christmas, should be good for a larf :)
 Weather prediction - Dog
>>The Kernow King is on Radio Cornwall over Christmas, should be good for a larf :)

12.00 'til 3.00pm on xmas eve - don't miss it!
 Weather prediction - Dog
>>12.00 'til 3.00pm on xmas eve

Erm, 2.00 - 3.00pm most likely.
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