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 Choosing a `good` nick - Vicar of Bray
I thought of A4 Pacific`s perhaps or corruptions of such ie Sir Nigel Grisley. or perhaps the entire list of names from Greek mythology.... Or even famous generals from various wars and battles past.

The figures interacting in a sort of sub text to the actual posts - if you see what I mean.
Come on! roll forward Silver Fox and put out sparks and steam - or step from the pages of history Oliver Cromwell and put the king on trial.

Actually, Gorden the Green engine must be in here somewhere.....

 Choosing a `good` nick - Zero
I shall be putting Olie through her paces next year. As its mothers 80 birthday we will have a pullman meal on Ollie on a trip. Why? cos its one of the engines my father drove.
 Choosing a `good` nick - Runfer D'Hills
Has your mother learned to live with the Jap car yet?
 Choosing a `good` nick - Zero
she forgot. Altzhiemers has its benefits.
 Choosing a `good` nick - Dave_
This kind of thread is why I'm here :-)
 Choosing a `good` nick - Vicar of Bray
No takers for `Apollo` yet then... I thought` Prometheus` might suit for anyone who tends to wake up with a touch of indigestion.
 Choosing a `good` nick - bathtub tom
There's an opening for a mod.

 Choosing a `good` nick - Vicar of Bray
Or Richard the 2nd

"for the next eight years governed in relative harmony with his former opponents. Then, in (March 2010), he took his revenge on the appellants, many of whom were executed or exiled. The next two years have been described by historians as Richard's "tyranny".

 Choosing a `good` nick - rtj70
>> Then, in (March 2010)

Sometime in 1390 surely :-)
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 Choosing a `good` nick - Vicar of Bray
What a great nIck though for a mod ;-)
 Choosing a `good` nick - crocks
I thought Bellboy was the leader of the mods.
 Choosing a `good` nick - MD
>> I thought Bellboy was the leader of the mods.
You must be off your rocker!
 Choosing a `good` nick - crocks
Who? me? Lambretta long since gone.

But you are closer than you think.
 Choosing a `good` nick - Vicar of Bray
Wherefore art thou Triumph twin?
Gone to new pastures free of sin.
Metal studs sound by the sea
tin pot scooters run and flee

There was a time tho, best forgot
A put put Vespa was my lot
It cornered like a commode on wheels
but looks from girls it often steals

Now time`s moved on and so have I
not long now I`m gonna die
I remember though those days of fun
Running roads, with a long gone chum

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