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 Sony MDR-ZX600 Headphones. - R.P.

Been offered a pair of these for 30 quid via a Co-op offer. The price is good - are the phones any use ?

Anybody got a pair ?
 Sony MDR-ZX600 Headphones. - Dog
Can't go wrong with 30 squid really, reviews are fairly good:

I have the MDR- V500 jobbies which sound better than my old PX 100's

Geezer from Manc with a pet Panda will swear by Grado's.
 Sony MDR-ZX600 Headphones. - R.P.
I missed the offer - but Co-oP re ran it this week - so I ordered a pair on Thursday evening and got them on Friday ! Brilliant bit of budget kit -really well made - solid comfy and silencing phones. Tried them out on my little Pure DAB mini radio work like a dream. The, flat, cable acts as the aerial for the set and where I was losing signal on my around the block walk with the standard phones - these kept going. Beautiful mellow sound. Well worth £30.00 of anyone's money.
 Sony MDR-ZX600 Headphones. - Dog
43 squid on ebay:
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