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 Who's who ? - Hard Cheese

Frankly I am not sure about all this, I mean I never saw eye to eye with the gaffer and as the mods on here will know I had some heated email exchanges with him off-line though I still feel a little guilty posting here.

Anyway I would have been inactive over the past couple of months irrespective of any forum issues simply due to being rather busy. However I did find time to find you all via Google a month or so ago, a recent tip-off or two be the catalyst to enter now.

So who's who? Some are obvious of course though are any of the old crowd on here with completely different handles?

I think I saw that RF, er TVM, er AE is now "Zero", that's kind of like me logging in as "Large Bulk Carrier" just because I have a Kawasaki in the garage ;-)

Regards to all.
 Who's who ? - Zero
> me logging in as "Large Bulk Carrier"

If the cap fits.

by your criteria I should have chosen the name "Yamato class battleship"
 Who's who ? - VxFan
>> So who's who?

That's half the fun of finding out.

Welcome, btw.

Regards, DD. Oops, old habits die hard - VxFan.
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 Who's who ? - Hard Cheese
>> Welcome btw.

Thanks Dave, er VxFan, BTW that's another one I worked out though why you call yourself after a General Motors engine cooling part I simply dont know ;-).
 Who's who ? - Iffy
Greetings Cheddar,

I was looking for you yesrterday when I was trying to explain to one or two of the doubters on here how well Focuses handle.

See my post Mon 12 Apr, 09.51

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 Who's who ? - Zero
Ifi, if you mean me as a doubter, you are guilty of the same selective fact quotation as me.

I said that focci are good handlers, but the cc is not one of them.

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 Who's who ? - Iffy
...I said that focci are good handlers, but the cc is not one of them...

Seems we do disagree, Zero.

To me, the CC3 handles well, but differently, with either the roof up or down.

From what I read, some of the other drop tops are right puddings, which makes the achievement of Ford's engineers all the more remarkable.

It's the same with the S-Max - a glass van just shouldn't handle that well.

Cheddar - As you can see, the more things change, the more they stay the same. :)
 Who's who ? - Zero
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 Who's who ? - Iffy
I heard that, Zero, before you hit the edit button.

I'll bodge you in a minute. :)
 Who's who ? - Zero
>> I heard that Zero before you hit the edit button.
>> I'll bodge you in a minute. :)

MOIS? Its all lies ;)
 Who's who ? - Hard Cheese

Yes there is a certain "rightness" about the way current Fords handle, actually most Fords since the '98 Focus, my 2002 Mondeo and 2007 FocuST share little in common though the way they turn-in and the steering feel shows that they are from the same gene pool. Likewise a 2010 Fiesta.

The FocuST corners on rails, is really entertaining and has a pretty refined ride for its genre though the Mondeo has perhaps an even more impressive ride, handling combo particularly with consideration to its 140k miles, still very entertaining across country.

I am sure the CC3 also shares the same virtues though no doubt the lack of roof will have made it a little less stiff and the resultant strenghtening a little heavier.

 Who's who ? - Bellboy
Theres those that can get in a car and by the time they have done a mile in it they know whether its suitable for purpose
and then on the whole theres the general public that wouldn't know if a car had a flat tyre whilst driving it
i have not met many people who would know what scuttle shake was if it slapped them on the back like a wet soggy kipper
so i assume the cc focus drives ok for what it is but thats it ,nothing more nothing less its just another washing machine with an extra spin cycle
 Who's who ? - Statistical Outlier
Cheddar, nice to see you've made it over. Welcome.

 Who's who ? - Runfer D'Hills
I so wanted you to be "DairyLee" or something on here for some reason ! Still got the Mondy then ?
 Who's who ? - VxFan
>> I so wanted you to be "DairyLee"

You're crackers.
 Who's who ? - Statistical Outlier
At least he's decided to come Hobnob with us all over here now.
 Who's who ? - MD
The other place took the biscuit and now he'll never butter us up.
 Who's who ? - Ted

That's Nice.

 Who's who ? - Zero
I'll wafer him to reply
 Who's who ? - Hard Cheese

Oi packet in, I camembert it, its no gouda, you're all brie-ing stilton!, I am going to have to proccessed!
 Who's who ? - MD
I think You may have gorn off Chedd!
 Who's who ? - car4play
Are cheesy jokes allowed here?
 Who's who ? - DP
Made it here, with the same unimaginative user ID! :-)

Hi to all!

 Who's who ? - Dog
Ah! ... Another 'heavyweight' joins the C4P show ~ welcome.
 Who's who ? - WillDeBeest
Didn't change my name either. I dined in an African-themed restaurant the other night and the menu included kudu, which would have felt dangerously close to cannibalism. I went for ostrich instead.
 Who's who ? - Dog
There - you learn something new every day on this show, I'm 58 and never erd of a Kudu before,
But, I can see (now) and it is like a WillDe.

I thought you were aboard anyway comrade Beest.
 Who's who ? - Runfer D'Hills
I've seen Kudu skin shoes among other exotic leathers. They were horrible but you know it takes all sorts.
 Who's who ? - Dog
>>> I've seen Kudu skin shoes among other exotic leathers <<<

T'would clash with my c44 lampshade unfortunately.
 Who's who ? - Boxsterboy
Good to see you here, DP
 Who's who ? - Hard Cheese
>> Good to see you here DP

 Who's who ? - Dave_
>> Good to see you here DP

>> Agreed!

 Who's who ? - DP
Thanks guys. It's good to be here! :-)
 Who's who ? - R.P.
Nice to see old faces re_appear whilst i've been in the colonies -
hope to be back soon once UKplc have emptied tge ash trays.
 Who's who ? - MD
Flying over North Devon like billy o this morning
 Who's who ? - Hard Cheese

Yep, a few vapour trails over here this morning.

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