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 Mazda MX5 - Hello - four wheels good...
Hi All,

After a long time lurking I have at last registered. I doubt I will be a very prolific poster but will no doubt throw my two penneth worth in occasionally.
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - R.P.
Welcome hope you will be contributing !
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - Stuu
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - MD
Welcome. Your round old chap.
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - Clk Sec
Thank you for joining us. You golden hello is in the post.
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - Londoner
Welcome - and don't feel the slightest inhibition about posting.
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - Zero
Although according to some on here we will beat you to within an inch of your life and eat you if you do.

Ignore them, its not going to happen so post away.
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - Stuu
>>Ignore them, its not going to happen so post away. <<

Said the spider to the fly... ;-)
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - four wheels good...
Thanks for the welcome, will dust off my flak jacket and steel helmet prior to posting.
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - FocalPoint
You may also need your protective goggles, cricketer's box, fireproof gauntlets and safety boots. Throw in a gas mask as a precaution.

But welcome anyway.
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - bathtub tom
And whatever you do, don't upset any resident, female lorry drivers.

My, my grandmama, what big teeth you've got. ;>)
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - Dave_
Welcome FWG, allow me to be the first to abbreviate your name :)
 Mazda MX5 - Hello - Dutchie
Welkom as they say in Dutch just joined myself and feeling myway.;)
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