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 Here I is, Massa! - Armel Coussine
Like old grouser and Mike, now wearing an uppercase to go with his lack of surname, but unlike BazzaBear and one or two others, I have used a false monicker - or rather a false false monicker - to make a cautious contribution to the, er, Pink 'Un.

But who is our new cheerleader? Where are we?

I Don't like it Fothers. It's too quiet.
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 Here I is, Massa! - Runfer D'Hills
Hi Lud, how's it hangin' ?
 Here I is, Massa! - Armel Coussine
Really officer, I don't recall ever meeting this gentleman... could you take him in charge or something d'you think?
 Here I is, Massa! - Runfer D'Hills
Primroses will bloom in London before the week is out. Carry a copy of the Sporting Life and wear brown shoes. You will be met. Usual place but the third bench to the south.
 Here I is, Massa! - Duncan
>> in London >> and wear brown shoes. >>

Brown shoes - in town! You'll be fraternising with the lower orders next.
 Here I is, Massa! - Runfer D'Hills
I regularly do but only when undercover...
 Here I is, Massa! - Dave_
>> Hi Lud

Seen oily anywhere??
 Here I is, Massa! - rtj70
Yes oily is here.
 Here I is, Massa! - FotheringtonTomas
They're planning something. Those damn' drums!!
 Here I is, Massa! - Dog
Greetings Sire - I never would have twigged your handle if it wasn't for Humph.
I feel we have all gorn AWOL!
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