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 Am I in the right place? - Stroudie
Since the changes to HJ's site familiar posters disappeared from it.
Have I found you, or can you tell me where others lurk?
For example-Where is "Rattle"-the young computer whizz from Manchester?
I read every day, but post infrequently-when the threads usuallydie.
So if anybody wants to kill a thread-let me know.
You will know me by my laptop with the dodgy space key!-got to replace it-the laptop, not the key.
 Am I in the right place? - Stroudie
Sounds like its "RattleandSmoke"-so I've found you lot.
Whre's Doctor Chris, though-another Panda fan?
 Am I in the right place? - VxFan
>> Have I found you,

You have indeed. Pedants and all.

Welcome to C4P.
 Am I in the right place? - BobbyG
Welcome Stroudie to the old school reunion, go to the bar and order yourself a pint while you look all around to see who you recognise. Some may look familiar but their names aren't, some will be exactly as you remember and there will be others that seem new to you.

But before long, it will feel like you have never been away!
 Am I in the right place? - Stuu
I think theres a few more on the way by the look of the thread on HJ...
 Am I in the right place? - Reevesie
Yep, including me. Was a long time lurker on the old HJ site as I liked the banter and found the post in technical helpful. However since it was updated, you definitely got the impression that they wanted to drive (no pun intended!) the commercial aspect of the site at the expense of what made it popular in the first place. So I very infrequently visit it now and just happen to stumble on the post about why its gone downhill, googled Glaiket (sp) wee scunner and here I am!

The similarity of the old site is uncanny - bet HJ wasn't best pleased!! Lots of familiar names so will have a nosey and see if its like the site of old.


 Am I in the right place? - RattleandSmoke
DoctorChris has posted on here, I don't think he is on forums much though, he posts on the Panda forum somtimes too.

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