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 Hi - JJ
Hi all
New member here from sunny Sussex.
Long term follower of (or lurker in) the mini soap opera that is c4p.
Looking forward to becoming a player in it, although I'll probably steer clear of the more controversial topics.
 Hi - sooty123
Always nice to see a new poster.
 Hi - smokie

That's a Good Plan to lurk for a bit first to get a feel for a place before jumping in!!
 Hi - Duncan
Welcome aboard!

Fontwell eh? I am close to Sandown (Horse racing reference).
 Hi - Zero

Thats no good, I have filmed a Steam train at Plumpton, Lingfield & Sandown Park, no railway adj Fontwell tho.

(need a steam train to go past Kempton Park)

 Hi - BiggerBadderDave
Hi Justin

Do you have a bored wife who's over 40?

If so, welcome aboard.
 Hi - VxFan
Welcome aboard. It's been quite a while since someone new has popped in.
 Hi - Clk Sec
>> Welcome aboard.

You must be Old Navy's replacement, as he hasn't been around for quite some time now.

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