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 Introduce myself - fluffy
Hi I am a new forum member. My main hobbies are model making and reading a wide choice of books. I enjoy watching many sports such as football, cricket, rugby league and rugby union.

I am a keen walker and I enjoy bird watching. I am a member of British Trust for Orinthology, Alzheimers Research UK, Cancer Research UK and the RSBP.

I am excited that I found the Car4Play forum.

I look forward in discussing many topics.

I hope to have a happy time on the Car4Play forum.

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 Introduce myself - Mapmaker
 Introduce myself - R.P.
welcome fluffy. No need to add a model/make to every post..
 Introduce myself - Runfer D'Hills
Glad you're a happy person, I am too. And you'll find that a few others here are. Some of this lot are right miserable old GTis though...

Welcome !

 Introduce myself - Duncan
You like rugby league AND rugby union?

Something not quite right, I fear!
 Introduce myself - Runfer D'Hills
Perhaps one of his parents was, well, you know, "northern"? Can happen.
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