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 old grouser - Bellboy
im new to these forumk things but would just like to say hello
i drive whatever has some free petrol in these days and have no opinions on anything
hope that helps
looking forward to speaking to you all all soon.................
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 old grouser - rtj70
Is that normal unleaded (supermarket or otherwise) or superunleaded?
 old grouser - Bellboy
not really sure to be honest
maybe i should ring the previous keeper up and ask where he last went
im sure he would enjoy my call out of the blue just as he put baby joshua to bed
 old grouser - rtj70
>>>>>>>> your name rings a bell now you know
 old grouser - RattleandSmoke
I have the same problem as old grouser, I knew if I changed my name to anything people would know it was me instantly because of my rather unique and rushed posting style.

I would know who old grouser was even if I saw him on a New Zealand forum for stamp collectors.
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