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 Hello from Denmark - richard h

I run a 1990 Citroen XM and I am a member of the Citroen XM forum because they know a huge amount more than the people at the dealerships. Very helpful. That replaced my membership of the CCC which I found was not any fun and was cut-up into cliques. The SM people seemed to be on a different planet to the others, for example. Nice people, but like most of the specialist clubs, very inwardly orientated.

I used to contribute to Car magazine´s forum but late last year they hid the forum´s access point and effectively killed it. It used to be possible to post something of your own and see it listed in the recent posts box on the front page. Everone could see I´d posted something other than a response Car´s own articles. With that feature gone there was no point in posting as nobody knew I had posted anything. So off I went. I also got fed up earning money for Bauer who own the site. My article on the 1976 Citroen CX Prestige garnered about 33,000 hits before I took it off the site. It´s now at another site called ("the world´s least influential motoring blog"). We are not covering the Paris Motor Show at all. We do stuff like articles on the evolution of plastic car interiors, a comparison of Hyundai and Kia (there is a small difference), road tests historical stuff on marques like Jaguar and then a casual look at crap for sale in Denmark (I find lousy cars on the Danish car-sales sites). There are no ads, by the way. They cock up the look of the site.

I had a look at the new cars at the 2014 Mondial. I see Lamborghini have ended their folded-paper theme and now the new car is rounded. It´s nicer but kind of bland. There wasn´t much else there that caught my eye other than Nissan´s IDx concept car. Much is good and much is new, but what is new is not good and what is good is not new. Does anyone else get a feeling of underwhelm from that event?

I will have a prowl around here and see what the style is like!

Richard in Denmark
 Hello from Denmark - Zero
>> I will have a prowl around here and see what the style is like!

Style? you'll find no style in here! (plenty of Citroen lovers tho)

Welcome Richard
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 Hello from Denmark - richard h
No style at all? Darn.
Citroen people are everywhere, it seems. I saw a C6 today, which was a surprise. Nice car but it was parked in a garage that sat right in the middle of what was the front lawn of the house. Really ugly! I expected a C6 owner to have a bit more taste.

Thanks for the reply.

 Hello from Denmark - No FM2R
That'll be the last reply you'll thank Zero for.

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