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 Any seats in the corner? - crocks
The quick overnight coat of paint turned into the demolition of a muched loved virtual pub.

Having taken nearly a week to find where you are drinking now, I can see a lot of the regulars are already at the bar. All I want is a quiet seat in the corner.

I'm not as old as I was and my name doesn't refer to my cars!
 Any seats in the corner? - Bellboy
mines a pint
theres no jukebox thankfully
oh and the old place shut due to a bad infestation
 Any seats in the corner? - Runfer D'Hills
Hi there, it does have a rather "speakeasy" feel here at the mo. As if we are all being just a little bit dodgy. Quite exciting really.....
 Any seats in the corner? - Armel Coussine
Do you know something bb? Bit of superficial body damage turned out to be a twisted shell or what?

I am a bit worried for HJ for whom I have considerable regard.

All the moderators seem to have jumped ship.

Speakeasy shchmeakeasy... I've been censored already.
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 Any seats in the corner? - Bellboy
im past caring to be honest Armel Coussine
its not my loss is it
we didnt even get a chance to offer a lower figure,it was just withdrawn like a closed shop car auction where fred saw the auctioneer and gave him the wink
 Any seats in the corner? - Runfer D'Hills

>> Speakeasy shchmeakeasy... I've been censored already.

Pah ! I'm just here to inform you Armel-come-lately that I was the very first to be yellow carded here. I'd quite like a certificate actually.

 Any seats in the corner? - R.P.
It's been printed....
 Any seats in the corner? - bathtub tom
The referee and me had a quiet word off-pitch. ;>(
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