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Hi, was browsing the net & stumbled upon this forum. Was reading an excited new members take on his Familia 323 GTR. Unfortunately, facts were a little obscure but to be fair, very little is known of these cars. The driving experience is awesome! They have much lag down low & crap around the streets BUT with that white-knuckle, seat pushing action from 5000-7000rpm....

I've owned the following turbo 323's:

1986 BF 323 GTX B6T DOHC 1.6L 4WD
1989 BF 323 GT (aka SS) B6T DOHC 1.6L FWD
1992 BG GTR DOHC 1.8L 4WD current club car with 79000 kms & custom 3: turbo back ext; CAI; 16psi on stock ECU; lowered; larger FMIC

Firstly, 2300 GTR & 300 GTA-e models were made between 1992 - 1994 2500 all up!


Following facts concerning the engine in stock form/tune:
Forged Crank
Forged Rods
Sodium-filled ext valves
Reworked cams to suit huge turbo
Intake manifold has equal-length runners
Exhaust manifold has near equal runners & split pulse flange housing
ECU is factory tuneable to over 20psi = over 200AWKW. With aftermarket ECU - 30psi!
The VJ23 Turbo is the largest turbo ever used on production raod 4cyl vehicles. Tis' a dual ball bearing design that pushes out over 400hp. Specs - 65mm comp wheel/62.5mm turbine wheel.
Gearboxes are the weakest link & best swap is for a Toyota Celica ST185 with Levin shafts
2 different interiors were found, depending on what country they ended up in

Cheers, Tim :)
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 Mazda 323 - Hi, just some quick facts on the FAMILIA 323 GTR - nice but dim
Welcome, I'm a big fan of Mazda's having had a 626 and an MX3. I'm not a fan of the fast furious turbo modding scene, but it sounds a very capable car. Are you Japanese based with referring to the Familia or are they imports?
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