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 As I was saying ... - NowWheels
There I was, belting along past a skule in my 4X4, hopping over the speed bumps and hoping that the new stealth paint would fool the cameras and radar guns. Cyndi Lauper on the stereo, coffee (Irish) in one hand, mobile phone in t'other, makeup case on the steering wheel, and bull-bars tastefully sharpened ... when ping goes my Blackberry with an email from someone called "refugee" telling me about this new forum.

Really folks, this sort of random emailing is downright dangerous. I was so severely distracted by reading the email and trying to figure out its meaning that I very nearly missed the two young cyclists I was aiming at, and managed barely a glancing blow on the man-in-a-suit who had ambled out onto the zebra crossing. I was particularly miffed about the man-in-a-suit, because there were double-points on them today, so you've seriously messed up my score this week :(

I haven't been on the old very forum much recently, so I obviously missed whatever drama which led to the formation of the escape committee. Is there a link somewhere so that I can read up on whatever scandalous shenanigans led to the split? Or should I just assume that some moderator called Terry started dating HJ's old titfer?

Anyway, I recognise a lot of familiar names here, so thought it would be a pity to miss out on the new venue. I haven't quite decided whether to be mine own self here, or to run with the (tongue-in-cheek) PJ O'Rourke-inspired evil-twin who butted in to the first two paragraphs. (NowWheels III: This Time She's Gone Over To The Dark Side.)

I dunno that I'm going to be posting much here, but if this new place proves as much fun as the old den of iniquity, I may take a few breaks from my farm-planning to join in here and swim against the flow as usual, rustling lots of feathers ... and of course to seek some more advice from the wise heads who have so kindly helped me sort out so many issues with my wheels in the past, despite our many disagreements. Congrats to whoever set it up.
 As I was saying ... - rtj70
Welcome then ;-) Sorry about the double pointer.

Lets hope it is fun though.
 As I was saying ... - R.P.
Welcome NowWheels !
 As I was saying ... - Dog
Hello there NowWheels, yes the old? Almera is a good'n alright ... I keep looking at younger models ;) but for a domestic aplliance - ya can't beat the British built (I like to get that in) Almera.
 As I was saying ... - NowWheels
I'm just glad that they didn't fit it with a voice-driven controls thing. The idea of having to learn a Geordie accent to communicate with it would have been too much
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