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 Hi - MJW1994
Hi all

I stumbled across this site after doing some Googling, it’s strange where one ends up. This forum seems to have many wise and sensible members on it compared to other motoring sites so I thought I would join!

A bit about me:
My name’s Matt and I’m 19. I’ve only been in the UK for three years and live close to Bristol. Before that I have lived in South Africa and USA as my parents moved around a bit. My education was a bit dis-jointed to say the least. Since 16 I have worked in computer programming and software, in aviation and Defence sectors, originally as an apprentice which meant I didn’t have to go back to school which I always hated and didn’t do very well at.

Anyway you can all have a good laugh now since I drive a 2010 Renault Scenic 150 diesel!! I get a lot of ribbing about my car from friends and work mates, people say it’s not for a young single man but for me a car needs to be useful, not a fashion accessory. I can get all my sports gear and surfing kit in the back. Also I’m quite tall and find small cars really uncomfortable after a while. And the insurance isn’t too ruinous. And it’s comfortable on long journeys. And I can sleep in it if I’m away surfing and don’t want to stay in a B&B. And I take my grandparents for shopping and trips out in it as they don’t drive anymore. And I don’t drive like a typical teenager, I like to get to my destination in one piece. And back again. So there you are, I’ve justified it before anyone lays into my faithful Scenic!!!!!!
 Hi - Ted

Hi Matt...Good to hear from you. Wise and sensible ? That'll be me then. Still not sure, after more than 3 years, about the rest !

Nowt wrong with the Scenic, useful motor, we had one for a long time.

I expect a few more will be along to welcome you soon. With it being Saturday, and most of us elderly, it's way past our bedtimes. Apart from those who are drunk or out prowling the mean streets of the local dockland.

 Hi - Focusless
Sorry Matt, everyone must be out sunbathing - hi :)
 Hi - Robin O'Reliant
Hello Matt.
 Hi - FocalPoint
Hello, Matt. We're a bunch of dreadfully old codgers who have aged disgracefully and a few of us have an exaggerated sense of our own importance. (Oh yes, you do - you know who you are!) We like a good argument and some of us have quite right-wing views.

On the positive side, there is a wealth of knowledge about a lot of things and I value the computer tips and non-motoring section as much as the rest.

Just bear this in mind, Matt, young, single and tall as you are, my lad, and you'll be fine. Teenager, did you say? Surfing? Hm...

Some of us like a bit of a joke and leg-pull as well, by the way. :-))
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 Hi - MD
AHA! Just spotted him. Leave the ribbing to me. Oh! and someone else tell him that it's his round in the Bar. Welcome here Matt...
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