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 Hi - R.P.
A refugee from HonestJohn
 Hi - rtj70
Welcome. There's a few turning up on the beaches so far. Keep a look out for survivors.
 Hi - FotheringtonTomas
Is that it for the other place, then? It looks unusable as well as "out of action". Oh well.
 Hi - rtj70
How does one spread the word though? We'll have to see who turns up later FT.
 Hi - FotheringtonTomas
I don't know. I suspect a general issue of Mk7 SFCT & Osprey Assault kit will become very necessary here very shortly!
Last edited by: FotheringtonTomas on Mon 22 Feb 10 at 18:12
 Hi - Fenlander
On forums the majority I use had a pm facility so such sideways moves were easier as many folks had each others contact details.

Anyway this is a new username for me but one I've used on non-motoring forums before... changed as I was stuck with one I didn't like on the other place.
Last edited by: Fenlander on Mon 22 Feb 10 at 18:36
 Hi - Falkirk Bairn
Moving to Windows without having run a pilot was a recipe for disaster.

Let's hope a few refugees find a home in the next few days.
 Hi - rtj70
Life boats should be sent out. Assuming they are coming across the water for some reason. It's an okay analogy.
 Hi - -
I'm still lost, should have said 'hello' here before prattling on with useless drivel in other threads...normal service then...Hi All.

I've kept me username, never be any use as a train robber or the like can't cope with more than one alias.
 Hi - BobbyG
Hi, another free transfer from HJ!

I am in total disbelief re the lack of common courtesy that the contributors and mods recieved in that forum.

Hope this new site takes off, the old mob (well most of you :)) come over and continue where we left off........
 Hi - Runfer D'Hills
'allo 'allo ?.....I'll say this only once......
 Hi - Iffy
...allo 'allo ?.....I'll say this only once......

So will I, so hello everyone.

I hope I don't get the Humph trying to work out who those are who have changed their names.

 Hi - Dave_
Greetings one and all. I've already contributed a fair amount of my usual guff to the Discussion forum so I thought I should add my name to the list over here. Did sign up yesterday with a random alias but soon realised it was pointless and changed it back to my original name. What can they do to me if they find out I'm over here now anyway?? ;-)
 Hi - swiss tony
>>What can they do to me if they find out I'm over here now anyway?? ;-)
and who is to blame anyway?
they had a perfectly good forum, and decided to change it without proper testing - their loss!
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