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 Humph D'bout - Runfer D'Hills
Having been tumbled from the get go I've decided to come out but stay in a bit. Officially hello ( again )
 Humph D'bout - Pat
Hello Humph:)

Good to see you come out!

 Humph D'bout - NowWheels
Hi Humph

What happened to the bridge?
 Humph D'bout - rtj70
He was in disguise and was a Ron D'bout and has half revealed himself since I think.
 Humph D'bout - Runfer D'Hills
I draw the line at fully exposing myself.....
 Humph D'bout - Netsur
Its so funny you using a false, false name. Anyone would think you were called ...........[hiss crackle as the connection is lost]

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