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 Greetings from Cape Town - Number Six
Hi all.

1st time here. Place was recommended by Ian (Cape Town) a good mate of mine.

UK expat from Bedfordshire been in South Africa for 21 years.

 Greetings from Cape Town - VxFan
Welcome aboard.
 Greetings from Cape Town - VxFan
Hmmm, everyone else seems to be in an anti-social mood!

Must be the weather.
 Greetings from Cape Town - Focusless
Well no one has been rude to him yet - surely that counts as being sociable round here :)
 Greetings from Cape Town - MD
Welcome Sir. Now sit down, shut up and get 'em in, oh! and have one yerself (0-:-0)
 Greetings from Cape Town - swiss tony
Welcome Number Six.

I am Swiss Tony, I am NOT a number!
 Greetings from Cape Town - -
I hope you've got a tory (liberal lefty) party equivalent in Cape Town and you support them blindly no matter how useless they prove themselves time and again, if not the weirdos here will mark your card:-)...note you got out before the carp hit the fan, well done.

Welcome Number Six, now what car(s) do you own we can pull your leg about...
 Greetings from Cape Town - Runfer D'Hills
I used to smoke Number Six. Long time ago.


Welcome !
 Greetings from Cape Town - nyx2k
 Greetings from Cape Town - Dog
>>I used to smoke Number Six. Long time ago<<

Same ere, and me mummy used to smoke Numero Dice.

 Greetings from Cape Town - Ted

Yeah, well, if the Dog's sticking his tuppenceworth in then I suppose I'd better welcome you as well.
Me ole mam smoked Kensitas...A cheap iron and an aortic aneurism for only 5 million tokens ! Bargain !

 Greetings from Cape Town - Dog
 Greetings from Cape Town - Number Six
Sorry for the 9 month later reply. Having a beer with Ian and remembered this toilet.

I have an Alfa 145 Cloverleaf, gathering dust in my garage.
 Greetings from Cape Town - -
You remembered us in the toilet?

Time for a sharp exit, thats like thinking about your best mate when you're doing rude things with the mis....oh never mind.

145 wouldn't be gathering dust here in 9 month winters Blightly it'd have tin worm mutiplying all over.
 Greetings from Cape Town - Dave_
Best thing you can do with Bedfordshire, move a long way away from it. I only managed 70 miles.
 Greetings from Cape Town - TeeCee
>> I have an Alfa 145 Cloverleaf, gathering dust in my garage.

Did you mistype a "d" for an "r" in there?
 Greetings from Cape Town - Number Six
Dust. Rust is not really an issue here.
 Greetings from Cape Town - TeeCee
I think you may be underestimating the rust-attracting capabilities of Italian steel there. They put it in at the factory to save time.....:-)
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