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 Current scrap prices? - Haywain
I'm currently trying to decide whether to scrap the old Mondeo or put it on e-bay. Around 4 years ago, after being offered £35 scrap for an old Fiesta, we sold it for £155 on e-bay. The Mondeo is MoTd until mid-June and is taxed to the end of August - so it's got to be worth £130?

Does anyone have any information about current scrap prices? I guess this too would have been affected by the infernal scrappage scheme.

 Current scrap prices? - FotheringtonTomas
 Current scrap prices? - Fenlander
If you mean scrap/sell it now with that tax/mot it has to be ebay. Folks often pay well over the odds for bottom priced motors on there.
 Current scrap prices? - Haywain
Sorry, yes, my bottom line value of £130 was based on about £50 scrap (complete guess) and about £80 still on the tax disc.
 Current scrap prices? - Bellboy
it was £120 a tonne on the weighbridge last week but obviously commod ity prices go up and down like loo seats
 Current scrap prices? - FotheringtonTomas
For steel, I'd believe it, but not for a car driven in. It was "only" £100/car at the high point a year and a half ago, IIRC.
 Current scrap prices? - Bellboy
The price changes daily depending on supply and demand i got £180 a tonne on the bridge for cars i weighed in last year at one point and later in the year it was £62
Many years ago it was always £40 a tonne which is why cars always went in with a full tank of water and the engines brimmed with old oil
 Current scrap prices? - Mapmaker

And sell it without the tax but with the option for the buyer to buy the tax on top.
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