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 Cuban cars... - R.P.
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 Cuban cars... - smokie
I remember Cuban wheels from when I was young.

Or was it heels? LOL
 Cuban cars... - bathtub tom
I wonder what they do if a spring breaks, or perhaps they don't.
 Cuban cars... - henry k
I wonder how many of these old "classics" would be on the first ferry to the USA when the embargoe is lifted.
The bodywork on many of them seems to have survived well.
 Cuban cars... - Iffy
...The bodywork on many of them seems to have survived well...

Nothing rusts because of the climate, I believe.
 Cuban cars... - Old Navy
If the embargo is lifted and there is an instant shift to "computer controlled" cars the local handyman / metalbasher will be out of a job. Many main dealers in the UK are out of their depth with modern cars.
 Cuban cars... - tyro
Wonderful clip.

I found it fascinating to look at the various cars in the background - most of which appear to be a lot more recent. Does anyone know what proportion of the cars on the road in Cuba are pre-revolutionary?
 Cuban cars... - FotheringtonTomas
I seem to remember an article about this a decade or so ago. Whas it in "The Daily Teleelegraph"?
 Cuban cars... - Ted
The ultimate Cubean car !

 Cuban cars... - Old Navy
Groan. :-)
 Cuban cars... - Dave_
A good friend of mine took his honeymoon in Cuba in 2005 (they changed their booking from the Maldives after the tsunami and got hit by Hurricane Dennis instead, their story made the local paper!) and apparently the 1950s USA cars were still very much in evidence although most people drove modern Euroboxes.
 Cuban cars... - RattleandSmoke
Watch Jeremy Clarkson's motorworld there is a feature on Cuba and it is very very interesting, one of favourite motoring shows of all time. It is now rather dated though from 1996-1998.
 Cuban cars... - VxFan
>> It is now rather dated though from 1996-1998.

Same hairstyle though, although not quite so grey and thinning on top.
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