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 Volkswagen Passat - Water leak - getting contribution from VW - Fursty Ferret
Have a 2003 Passat, always maintained at VW dealers (albiet some of them outside the UK). Last week the alarm started going off continually at night, and I discovered the passenger footwell flooded the next morning.

Local dealer (no choice, 300 miles from home and working flat out) diagnosed a leaking pollen filter housing, apparently a common problem which has afflicted numerous cars of the same vintage and for which VW have specific warranty codes and repair advice. So common, in fact, that when telling the taxi driver on the way to work of the problem, he asked if it was a Passat!

Dealer said that there was a recall, but it had expired. I did check last year to see if there were any outstanding recalls when I brought the car back from Spain. None showed.

VW have offered nothing towards the £400 bill, telling me that because the car is over 5 years old they're washing their hands of the problem. I feel that since it's clearly a design flaw, they shouldn't be able to get out of things that easily and am wondering of the best way to proceed.

I will compliment the dealer (Crawley VW) at this point, who fitted it in the same day for repair, offered a 15% discount on parts and labour, and changed the brake light switch for free.
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