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 How to use your mirrors - Mapmaker
Somebody posted a week or two ago about pushing the *door* mirrors out far further than normal.

I had a go at this last weekend.

1. When the rear side windows mist up - for instance the boot is full of wet umbrellas, boots, coats (dogs) - what then?

2. You lose a blind spot that you can check by looking over your shoulder, and replace it with a blind spot that is by the rear wing, plenty large enough to hide a cyclist, and requiring a head on a swivel mount to check. See diagram.

3. My rear view mirror doesn't give me any view through the rear side windows anyway, so there's only really that which shows up through the back window. The car's pillars are too large.

4. I already set my mirrors so as not to show any of the paint on the car, but only just.

5. Maybe it's because I drive an estate car. Maybe it's because I'm used to using my *door* mirrors more than the average car driver, having spent a lot of time driving vans with no rear view.

Anyway, downright dangerous IMHO. Anybody convince me otherwise?

(Edited to change *wing* to *door* so as not to irritate a certain Vauxhall driver.)
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 How to use your mirrors - Pat
I certainly can't, MM
I think wing mirror position is a completely individual thing.
Certainly from a lorry drivers point of view ( no pun intended) when someone else had driven the vehicle and moved the mirrors, it can take a half a day of slight adjustments to get them back 'right' again.
What I mean by 'right' is what that individual person is used to and the view they get in relation to any potential blind spots etc.

It's also the same for the position of the seat and another bugbear for us but now I find it is just as bad in the CRV too.

I move my stance to cover the view automatically, doesn't everyone?

I prefer my mirrors set to see just along the side of the vehicle, at the neerest point to the door, so I can keep my eye on the load but also to make sure of any gap there. I find that this gives me a good view of the outside lane too but it is only my preference and it's what's safe for me.

 How to use your mirrors - smokie
Following the earlier thread I also tried changing mine such that I could no longer just about see the side of the car. So far I haven't noticed any real benefit - I still cut someone up without realising the other day (!) - maybe they need to be even wider angle - and when on the move I find myself leaning over once in a while to reassure myself that they are still pointing where I think they are.

However I am persisting and will decide when I've given them a fair trial.
 How to use your mirrors - Runfer D'Hills
Well, It doesn't really matter does it ? Just take your back plate orf and drive like you're on fire. You don't need mirrors then do you ? Knowhattamean ?

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