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 hand signals - Bellboy
sometimes if im coming to an unusual junction and i have my indicator on i still give a hand signal to a waiting vehicle to tell him/her i am definitely turning left in front of him/her
am i mad and unique?
or sane and sensible?
 hand signals - henry k
IIRC the old hand signal then I would expect anyone not on pension to think you were drying your nail varnish.

In this day and age I would say unique BUT sane .... not sure.
 hand signals - Runfer D'Hills
Funnily enough I use a hand signal when turning right into a busy road. People are so taken aback they let you in. Especially in London for some reason. When they do that and you smile at them in return they seem to get nervous and start looking for Dom Jolly.
 hand signals - Dave_
>> I use a hand signal when turning right into a busy road

>> Especially in London

Likewise. I have my arm resting on the window ledge and kind of signal right with my arm poised to wave thankyou - eye contact, a nod and a smile afterwards can help to facilitate a cheeky push out of a junction as much as vehicle positioning and movement IMO.
 hand signals - -
all of the above, i do too and the proper waiting driver is gone in a flash when someone with an ounce of savvy confirms.

Does the eased driver acknowledge the small courtesy though, my own experience is that road courtsey is going the same way as other manners and decency, out with the trash except for a few die hards.
 hand signals - Bellboy
yes i think common courtesy is going gb
theres a junction near me,quite a dangerous one, where people dont use their indicators i always go straight on but bearing to the right here and the amount of vehicles that assume im turning left in front of them is staggering to the point thats theres always bits of car detrious in the gutters.
If that makes sense?
 hand signals - -
similar junction to the A5127 Gravelly Hill 'tween M6 spag and Erdington, as you climb the hill the road forks right onto minor road and the right fork has right of way over the traffic coming downhill from Erdington if that makes sense...sort of one way roundabout most unusual and will catch strangers out easily.

I go up that way to Erdington dealers and i always use my left/right indicator to confirm my intention, i don't think i've ever seen another vehicle indicate there especially the buses which apparently have right of way even if the stop line is against them wherever they are in Brum.

Seen plenty of close shaves there.
 hand signals - Dave_
I know exactly where you mean gb, I always flinch and keep an eye on the mirrors when I'm coming back downhill to the Give Way lines...
 hand signals - FotheringtonTomas
Sometimes I have to perform an unusual manoeuvre, which entails turning right onto a busier road "up" from a "T" junction, and turning abruptly left. It's easiest, in something big, to turn left from the "wrong" side of the road, i.e. come up the "T" on the smaller road, turn right onto the wrong side of the road, then swing left.

To here
x-> |
From here

If someone's coming up from x, even if I'm indicating with winker and hand signal, they still sometimes try to come "up the inside".

Hope this is clear, but not sure why it's double spaced. Welshy
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 hand signals - Dave_
>> they still sometimes try to come "up the inside"

I bet that generates some hand signals.
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