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 A van to sleep in. - FotheringtonTomas
Any nice vans out there, economical, suitable for going on weekend "sleep in the van" pseudo-camping trips involving cooking, etc.? Must be available cheap, second-hand.
 A van to sleep in. - Runfer D'Hills
My advice, speaking from some experience when I first started my wee business and couldn't afford hotels on business find an estate car with a sunroof you can leave on tilt for some ventilation otherwise it gets very unpleasant with condensation when sleeping. You could get the back windows tinted a bit for privacy but you can still see the axe-murderers as they creep round your vehicle seeking their next victim.

Always park up near a public swimming pool so you can get a wash in the morning.
 A van to sleep in. - RattleandSmoke
There is an old joke from the camp site which I go to Anglesey that the mancs turn up in tents and the liverpudlians turn up in transit vans. The thing we may laugh but I think they end up getting a better night sleep.

I've often had the idea myself of turning an old fan into a camper but but insurance reasons means I would be limited to just putting a matress and sleeping bag in the back of some old 1998 Transit while using superglue to hold what remains of the chasis together.
 A van to sleep in. - -
We've looked speculatively at some of the Japanese imports for this very purpose FT, mainly Toyota Hiace and similar.

It's the inbuilt reliability that swayes towards Japan luckily the funny names of some serves to make them better value.

Also toying with a safari roof tent on the pick up, not as that is pertinent but just in passing.

 A van to sleep in. - Zero
someone down the road has a Bongo Friendee. It looks quite funky, but also look unstable. Very high and narrow track.
 A van to sleep in. - Hugo
Depends how much you want to spend.

If you could combine this with your everyday transport, some of the newer Trafics or variants would be worth a closer look.

I know a couple with only one child who have traded in their Freelander for a Nissan Primastar with another couple of seats in the back. They use it for their business and as a family runabout. The van is on an 06 plate. They needed the larger vehicle for their business.

I would be inclined to see if it would be possible to fold the rear row of seats out of the way to provide sleeping space.
 A van to sleep in. - FotheringtonTomas
>> Depends how much you want to spend.

Not much, a,000 or less - and would hope to get rid of it after a few,000 miles. I was looking at Suzuki Carry vans And Things Of That Ilk. Further suggestions gratefully received
 A van to sleep in. - Dave_
>> Bongo Friendee ... looks unstable. Very high and narrow track.

There was a fatal crash a handful of years back where a Mitsubishi Delica flipped over on a motorway - IIRC at the inquest it was pointed out that a narrow, tall van on raised suspension and balloon tyres was not at all suited to travelling in UK traffic and UK weather at 70mph.
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