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 Car Security - is it any good? - ricardo
Just been sold a 2005 Subaru Impreza by a member of my family who has purchased a new car. He had to sell as the car was stolen and recovered before christmas and his wife just didn't want it on the driveway anymore. They broke into the house to steal the keys!

Insurance fixed all the cosmetic damage so all in all i think i bagged myself a good deal.

The only issue is now that it leaves me just a bit paranoid about the car getting stolen again. Just wondered if the Impreza is an easy car to steal anyway without keys and if buying a Tracker is worth it on a not so new car.

Obviously modern cars are supposed to be more secure than days gone. If the only way to steal cars these days is with the keys, then maybe i am worrying over nothing?
 Car Security - is it any good? - Old Navy
The fact they had to steal the keys to get the car is an indication of how good immobilisers are these days. Dont leave the keys laying around, (or in the ignition while paying for petrol). I someone offers you violence, give them the keys, unless you are 7' tall and 6' wide, its only a car.
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 Car Security - is it any good? - Bellboy
consider having a pink paint job done on it
this way it will never be knicked
 Car Security - is it any good? - Zero

Sorry to say it old fruit, but you have bought a world of niggling doubt. Depending on where you live, the very act of having a desireable car on your drive makes you and your house a target. They will break in for the keys to the car. It matters not what devices you have on the car, the house is still the target

Frankly, if someone breaks in my house to get the keys to the car, I dont want the damn thing back, so no I wouldnt have a tracker.

Really suprised you bought it, knowing its pain and history.
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