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 Bit of a dilemma - living abroad & no MOT/tax - Mike H
I moved to Austria last September. My car is in the process of being re-registered in Austria but is still UK-registered as of this instant. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the local registration hasn't happened yet. I am still driving on UK insurance, based on my UK address and with a 12-month green card. UK tax expiresat the end of March, and the MOT on 28th March. There's an outside chance I could retax it (I have the paperwork, but no valid MOT on the 1st April which would be the first day of the validity if the tax), but the MOT is a no-no!

I'm hoping it will sort itself out tomorrow, if the manufacturer's paperwork arrives in the post, but if not, I may be driving without tax or MOT. The insurance is valid until September so at least that isn't a problem - except that the car will technically not be UK road legal. I'm thinking that this is all going so wrong! I don't really want to open this up to the insurance company, but I believe I'm right in saying that, from the insurance point of view, as long as the car is roadworthy (whether or not it has an MOT), it shouldn't be an issue from their pespective (after all, you are insured when you drive your car to get an MOT if there is gap between the old one expiring and the appointment for the test to get a new one).

I'm really not sure how to play this. I'm happy to tax it for 6 months, then cash the tax in when the austrian registration happens, but I'm unsure whether the DVLC will allow me to tax the car if it's MOT'd on the day I tax it, but not valid on the day the tax is due to start.

Anyone any thoughts...please!
 Bit of a dilemma - living abroad & no MOT/tax - ....
Why not have the Pickerl done locally, and speak with your intended insurer, explaining you are expecting the Austrian registration through anyday.
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