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 A bit more motoring? - FotheringtonTomas
I suppose it's to be expected with a Brave New Forum - that there's a lot of loose talk and discussion about forum and general stuff. I'm doing it, too. Any more motoring about, though?
 A bit more motoring? - -
You've just reminded me....what was the matter with everyone this afternoon on the road, finished about 3.45pm so nice early day for a change.

Caught the tail end of the school mums returning, it was snowing gently but the roads were fine and 90% of drivers were going flat out aggressive tailgaiting and fast urban road driving...mainly from school run mums not in 4x4's.

Usually i get stuck behind a myriad of mimsers when the roads are perfect, but this was quite outstanding for some far too quick stunts.

I had to increase my own already lengthy travelling/stopping distance somewhat to avoid being tailended by one in particular.

Was there a particularly aggressive episode of Jeremy Kyle today (perish the thought) did we have the mums motoring equivalent of teenage boys leaving the cinema after Enter The Dragon.
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