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 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Paul Robinson
I was just reading an item from a professional journal about how many people still think accountants are dull. Lots of people still think Vauxhalls are dull, does that mean that Vauxhalls are the ideal cars for accountants?
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - ....
ifithelps found the ideal bean counters car.
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Iffy item from a professional journal...

Come on then, Paul, do you drive a Vauxhall?
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Paul Robinson
I have done in the past!
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Iffy
...I have done in the past...

So you've partly answered your own question, then.

I had an accountant years ago who drove a Porsche 911.

He had the engine nicked out of it while it was parked in a multi-storey off Baker Street, W1.
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Runfer D'Hills
That new Insignia estate looks really nice. I mean really good. I'd have one but I'd always slightly suspect I should have bought a Mondeo.
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - R.P.
Guy in the village has just bought an Insignia VXR - that's not a dull car by any means.
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Runfer D'Hills
Has he debadged it and put eyebrows on the headlights yet ?....
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - R.P.
No - he's a petrol head and really looks after them, not his style that.
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Alastairw
For my sins I am an accountant. I would never buy a Vauxhall due to personal prejudice. I now have a Skoda. Certainly the best vfm I could find.
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Avant
Same as Alastair for me - I've never owned a Vauxhall in 40 years of car owning (37 of them as a chartered accountant!).

Not so much prejudice as:

- I've been willing to try out successive Vauxhalls and have had plenty of test drives, but never been excited by any of them (I am claiming here not to be boring....)

- when the four children were young, there was never a Vauxhall to fit the family (hence many consecutive Renaults, all reliable)

- road tests always seem to come out with Fords being more fun to drive, VWs more solidly built etc, with Vauxhalls somewhere in the middle - the all-rounder that never shines at anything

- they lose their value too fast if you're buying your own (or responsible for your company's budget). They do of course make sensible secondhand buys.

There's nothing about the Corsa courtesy car I have at the moment, while the Octavia (stolen and recovered) is awaiting new locks, which tempts me to look again at current Vauxhalls.

Sorry! I'm sure a Vauxhall fan (even Vx Fan himself) will be along in a moment with a counter-argument.
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 Vauxhalls for Accountants - hjd
Another accountant and another lifelong non-Vauxhall owner here!

Probably counts as prejudice but first new car my OH ever bought was a Cavalier, which turned out to have rust under the top layers of paintwork. We were disgusted with the lack of help offered by the dealer and Vauxhall and sold the car at a big loss, vowing never to buy Vauxhall again. Both our children now have cars and know what not to buy!

This happened more than 25 years ago; if the same thing happened now our response and actions would be very different!
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - helicopter
Helicopter jr ....sorry er retcopileh jr is a chartered accountant living in very central London and does not possess a car.

He uses taxis for business , all of which costs are charged to the customer......
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - VxFan
>> Sorry! I'm sure a Vauxhall fan (even Vx Fan himself) will be along in a moment with a counter-argument.

No, not at all. All makes/models of car are like Marmite. You either like or hate them.
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Alanovich
I am now seeing more and more of the new Astra I around, and I have to say, as a dedicated non-Vauxhall owner (28 cars and not a Vauxhall in there), it's starting to appeal to me.

Will there be an estate version, does anyone know? If so, will it be built in Britain?
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 Vauxhalls for Accountants - VxFan
The Astra is a very nice and well put together car (excluding the flimsy lid on the cup in the centre console). Had a test drive in it at Millbrook with a couple of other backroom members. Our reviews of the car can be found on the other site.
 Vauxhalls for Accountants - Avant
There is an estate coming - in one of the recent magazines there was one of those 'scoop' pictures with it dressed up in black and white like a harlequin.

It may well be called a Sport Tourer and have a fashionably sloping roof and tailgate.
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