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 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Dead car quandary :-( - teabelly
My beloved skyline is dead. MOT tester was driving it and it just coughed, stalled and wouldn't restart. Investigation has shown no compression on any cylinder apart from 1 which has a monumental 70 psi. Typically the cost to fix is much more than I can afford. Don't have a decent job like I used to due to redundancy and struggling to find another. Not sure whether to break it for bits which would be gutting, sell it as a whole - just as gutting, or mothball it. If I did get enough for it I could maybe consider getting another as there are a few knocking around for about £5k. I reckon a repair is going to be £2-£3k realistically. There is a few things wrong with it. The gearbox is a bit flaky. The 4wd light comes on sometimes. The coilovers that were new a few years ago are leaking oil slightly. (&%&@ speed humps) But I've just spent a fortune on getting it through the MOT (it passed!!) so wonder whether to abandon it. It also has a nice newish stainless exhaust and most(!) of a rare bodykit. It is a bit rusty too.

It has sentimental attachment and I'd get another in a heartbeat. I also need to have a second car as my other is a lancia and that is not suited to daily use! I have a vitesse tucked away that I need to put back on the road so I just don't know whether to cut my losses and get some money for the skyline to keep the others ok or invest in another one that isn't rusty and has steel turbos (think the ceramics disintegrated or the cambelt slipped and valves are knacked)

Further complication is that I have a load of NCD on the skyline so I'd probably need another everyday car to keep that going anyway. Was wondering about an alfa 145 as they're quite fun to drive. Don't like most fwd cars at all. Can't think of any cheap rwd cars (not bmws!) that I could have instead.

If the repair cost was only £1000-£1200 then I'd keep it but I think it is likely to be £2k+ Just had a 900 quid odd bill for the MOT as it need brakes and ball joints which were most of the cost!

Any ideas?
 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Dead car quandary :-( - madf
TYou are short of money and own a Skyline, a Lanica and a Vitesse. None of them work.

You are worried about a NCD.
You have no job..

Sell them all and buy a cheap (and I mean cheap) runabout suitable for job interviews.

 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Dead car quandary :-( - devonite
I`m not sggesting anything! - but weren`t skylines renowned for catching fire whilst traversing waste ground?
 Nissan Skyline GT-R - Dead car quandary :-( - teabelly
Don't know. If they end up torched it's usually because some scrote has nicked it! I'd trailer it home and leave it in the garage before I torched it. Couldn't do that to any car I liked.
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