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 mystery truck - Ted
I posted this on another forum some time ago.
I have the original of this photo plus one of a larger Atkinson rigid owned by the same carriers..

But, what is it, I haven't a clue. Its obviously pre-war or possibly made in the war. I don't know if there was any production for private use during the war.
The grille looks cheap and utility....maybe a Ford ?
The owners, Robertson Buckley, were major Shipping agents, carriers and travel agents in the North West.

Any ideas ?

Back on for the weekend.

 mystery truck - L'escargot
>> The grille looks cheap and utility ....

Some early vehicles didn't have a grille ~ the front face of the radiator was uncovered. I think you'll find that what you can see is the radiator. The radiator/filler cap is visible at top centre of the radiator
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 mystery truck - Bellboy
i suspect it was made during the war out of different parts available and was then bought for haulage when the war finished from the MOD
A google search of maghul shows it with two ll@s and at liverpool,maybe this photograph doent really exist and is a figmentation of an apple tree
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 mystery truck - VxFan
BB, you have mail. Could you send me that picture you discussed last night with me. Thanks.
 mystery truck - Bellboy
when i get home this evening, i will forward it.
 mystery truck - Armel Coussine
We have already had this conversation. I remember those utility mid-forties trucks but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. Last time Ted showed that photo he said he thought it might be a Ford. I was inclined to agree, while tortured by thoughts of Commer and Morris Commercial. But Ford I think.
 mystery truck - Ted
Just back on-line after a few days away.
The only thing that makes me disagree with BB is the fact that it's got it's war-time covers on the lights.
These would have been removed when lighting restrictions wetre eased, possibly 1944 onwards when the as no more risk of conventional bombing.
I thought possibly Guy as well. They made some smaller trucks and buses.

 mystery truck - helicopter
Its a 1944 Fordson Thames 7V

See link attached
 mystery truck - Armel Coussine
Well done helico...
 mystery truck - Bellboy
im glad someones found it as its been doing me nut in
 mystery truck - Ted
Very's been irritating me too, BellyBoy. I wonder when they were first produced.
I can't see one actually made in '44 being for private use. The run-up to Overlord must have taken up everyone's production. The headlight shield shows it's a wartime photo. Maybe trace year by reg no. I'll have a look round later.

Incidentally, I've seen Maghull spelled both with 2 and 1 'L '...
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 mystery truck - Armel Coussine
>> I can't see one actually made in '44 being for private use.

I don't think it was literally impossible to get a vehicle for private use during the war Ted. It was just very difficult and you had to have a pressing reason or some other form of influence. After all there were essential industries and services run by private firms. Also, fuel was strictly rationed for some time after the war. There was a black market in fuel as well as other things, but rich people stayed mobile by owning several cars and using all their rations in the most economical one.

And immediately after the war, all sorts of ex-military kit fell onto the market. Everyone from farmers to private citizens hurtling around in everything from Bren gun carriers to motor bikes, often still in their khaki paint.

Chain-smoking of course.

 mystery truck - bathtub tom
How old is that photo?

The truck looks so shiny. Could it be a restored vehicle, dressed up in wartime mufti?
 mystery truck - helicopter
It took a bit of remembering and working out but as a youngster in the 50's & 60's I used to catch the bus to school on the old A1 and most of the old model lorries and cars were imprinted on my young and impressionable memory.

Guy, Atkinson, Seddon, Foden , AEC , ERF ....the list goes on ..

Fordson also produced tractors and the one shown was the forerunner of the Thames Trader, one of which we had on the farm in the sixties to take the cattle to markets around the North and up to Edinburgh. I used to love to sit in the cab , high above the hedgerows.

In answer to the question above that particular model Fordson was first produced in 1937 in Essex at Dagenham .
 mystery truck - helicopter
Heres another link
 mystery truck - Ted

I remember well the Traders. Very popular at the time.
My worst memory of them was attending an accident in the divisional accident car.
A Thames Trader had jumped a stop sign at some speed, driver drunk, and hit a Manchester Corporation double decker square on the offside. The conductor, standing on the open platform at the back, was thrown off into the road as the bus keeled over sideways and landed on top off him.
Not a pleasant scene to attend to. Late 60s, I think. Lots of passengers injured.
Driver of truck celebrating Friday payday, probably.

 mystery truck - Ted

That's a very interesting picture and something made me go back to it after a little thought.
The number on the cab door is of a very familiar font and size to me.
I recall many of the Corporation's 'service ' vehicles, allocated to the Bus Dept, Fire Dept, etc were lettered in that way.
I also seem to recall that under the ID letters was the City coat of arms and under that, the address of the town hall with the name of the town clerk.
These areas correspond to the ones painted out on the lorry shown. It would have been interesting to see the reg no. and the colour of the truck. Pity it didn't survive......I wonder ??

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