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 Driving shoes and trousers - Runfer D'Hills
I do have a pair, well a couple of pairs, of driving shoes. You might know what I mean. Generally slip on with either no heel or a very small one the material of which sometimes extends up to protect the heel counter area of the shoe. Thin soles so you can feel the pedals.

Of course, if I'm just nipping to Sainsroses or some such I don't bother with them but for long journeys I find them much better for driving than a heavier winter weight shoe or boot. In summer I sometimes drive in bare feet for even more feel.

A friend who originates from NZ has what he calls his driving trousers. They are in fact an ancient and very careworn pair of canvas army surplus cargo shorts which last saw the inside of a washing machine when they had mangles on the top. He wears business suits most days and likes to protect his best strides by swopping them for the shorts when he has a long run to do. He has occasionally arrived at meetings having forgotten to change back into his trousers.

Do you have any automotive apparel or footwear preferences ?
 Driving shoes and trousers - RattleandSmoke
I like my standard K Swiss trainers, they are comfortable and don't get in the way. I find my shoes don't offer enough grip.

I find I can't drive with anything in my pockets for some reason.
 Driving shoes and trousers - rtj70
Don't leave the contents of your pocket on the seat when you leave! We know what might happen there.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Old Navy
For long distance stints I like light fabric topped trainers and polycotton travel trousers or shorts depending on the ambient temperature. (Craghoppers Kiwi)
 Driving shoes and trousers - FotheringtonTomas
>> Do you have any automotive apparel or footwear preferences ?

Diving boots and "rigger" gloves.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Zero
I prefer my Jimmy Choos with the 4 inch heel and straps.
 Driving shoes and trousers - -
>> I prefer my Jimmy Choos with the 4 inch heel and straps.

Serious stuff, i haven't got into the high heel driving technique yet, would be grateful for some tips.

This weather i'm permanently in me work trousers and boiler suit over the top, get unbelievably filthy wrapping meself round the cars and decks, work coat resembles some lost knight of the roads offering he slept the last winter in.

Shoes are steel toe capped lace ups, some tranny?! drivers keep a light pair of shoes and change before they get out of truck, can't abide all that faffing around.
 Driving shoes and trousers - R.P.
Well worn Clark's leather flat soled shoes - gortex lined. Craggies are the trouser wear of choice when the sun shines.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Runfer D'Hills
I have a photo somewhere of my mate Bruce from NZ ( no really that is his name ) on the Stranraer to Belfast HSS ferry in collar, tie, pinstripe suit jacket, socks, a decent pair of brogues and his old driving shorts. His other harkback to his younger backpacker days is that he still can't get the hang of briefcases and is usually to be seen with an old leather rucksack containing everything from his laptop to his spare skiddies and a bag of Murray Mints. He's about 6' 3" in all directions. It's not pretty.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Bazzabear
At the moment, no preferences. But I'm getting more and more tempted to get a pair of Piloti trainers.

They look exceedingly comfortable, and I like the style of them anyway, but the rolled heel is actually a really good idea for driving I think.

Shame they're bleeding expensive to buy in the UK. Can get them for about £25 in the US.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Zero
currently I drive in these
 Driving shoes and trousers - Iffy
I find the clutch fairly heavy on the CC3, so glorified carpet slippers are no good to me.

It has to be something with a sturdy sole, what we used to call walking shoes.

 Driving shoes and trousers - Runfer D'Hills
I have heard that muscle development regresses with age....did this start recently or.......?

 Driving shoes and trousers - Iffy
...I have heard that muscle development regresses with age...

Now now Ron, or should that be: Now, now, now, Ron Ron?

You and I both know Fords, especially diesels, are not the lightest cars to drive.

The clutch on my brother's Corolla felt like it was disconnected compared to the Focus.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Runfer D'Hills
now now now Ron Ron. Phonetically that could be the intro to Summer Lovin' from Grease. I am so ashamed I know that........
 Driving shoes and trousers - rtj70
But what's your opinion on those shoes I mention below. They are so weird.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Runfer D'Hills
I'd be speechless if I knew anything about shoes ( or even spying )
 Driving shoes and trousers - FotheringtonTomas
They do look very odd. I am unsure of their vulgarity.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Iffy
...Phonetically that could be the intro to Summer Lovin' from Grease. I am so ashamed I know that........

Oh, I made a balls of that, then.

I was aiming for Da Do Ron Ron by the, er, Ronettes was it?
 Driving shoes and trousers - Runfer D'Hills
Actually Summer Lovin' is more doo dum doo doo doo doo doo doo doo dum...on reflection
 Driving shoes and trousers - Bazzabear
Check these out for yumminess quotient:
 Driving shoes and trousers - rtj70
Or how about these:

I saw someone on a train into Manchester last year wearing these. Everyone took a second look. His were in a more combat sort of colour though.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Zero
They are, frankly, obscene.
 Driving shoes and trousers - rtj70
Yep and when I saw them being worn I had to look again. Then subtly tell my wife to look. And then when a fellow passenger saw them and went all wide eyed thinking what are they I smiled back.
 Driving shoes and trousers - tyro
I'd be speechless if I knew anything about shoes ( or even spying )

Hee Hee.

On the subject of shoes and driving, I just wear my ordinary shoes. I must confess to having driven in wellies once or twice, but only for very short distances.
 Driving shoes and trousers - Dave_
I had a go in a Palmer Jaguar JP1 once:

The pedals were rather close together, and I take size 13 shoes, so I had to take my right shoe off to be able to press the brake pedal effectively.

Driving someone else's 250bhp, 600kg, non-servo-braked, non-PAS, ground-effect, 7-speed sequential shift car around an unfamiliar track in the rain, with one shoe on, at (so I was told) 130mph concentrates the mind somewhat. :-)
 Driving shoes and trousers - Ted
This cold weather I have been wearing a pair of black, lace-up Rieker Antistress shoes bought from the warehouse at Calver in Derbyshire a couple of weeks ago. Superb, comfy and warm. Soles like Doc Martins....Ideal for ' corridor creeping '
Normally wear velcro shoes...well, I am over 60 ! Clarks traditional for best.

I don't own any trainers, I'm pleased to say. Terrible things,, people who wear them all the time display a considerable lack of moral turpitude, IMO. ' Don't know what that means, but it sounds good '...Trainers are for the sports field...which I refuse to frequent.

Flip Flops for the beach.........or, for the one legged person, Flips !
This weather, it's a must for me to have my pullover tucked well in my trousers and well belted. I don't like the cold wind on my equatorial regions !


 Driving shoes and trousers - Ted
Check out the ultimate driving shoe from Manolo.¤t=opel-agila-high-heel-shoes-1.jpg

Might appeal to GB on his days off ?

 Driving shoes and trousers - Netsur
The best driving shoes for me are my bare feet. I love tickling the throttle with my big toe...........
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