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 Scrappage. - FotheringtonTomas
My car will soon expire. When does the scrappage scheme go 'till? If I need to scrap the car, but can't afford a new one (even with scrappage) are there any ways to take some sort of advantage of the scheme?
 Scrappage. - Crankcase
Don't forget some manufacturers - I'm thinking of the dreaded Toyota specifically but others too no doubt - are currently offering a "swappage" scheme that is similar to "scrappage", but with their own end dates and less strict criteria about mots and what not, if that's of any use.

 Scrappage. - RattleandSmoke
Its the end of March 31st, but there is now less than 45,000 places left on it. I want to buy a car through this scheme but I have a horrible feeling it will end before my car will qualify (I haven't owned it a year till the 27th).

Hydunai are doing a good offer, £2k of any new car, Vauxhall are doing £3k of any car but their retail prices are mad anyway. £8K for a bog spec Agila with no central locking or electric windows?

Nissan are doing a good offer on their British built cars, £2k swappge that puts the basic Micra down to £6600.

Your car must also be no near than a V reg. W regs do not qualify even if they are ten years old. When I spoke to the government agency they told me a lot of people are trying to trade in W regs atm and they reckon they might see a dip in sales in March however I think many people will just realise its the last chance and there will be a surge meaning I can't qualify.

Have a look at this link for my details.
 Scrappage. - RattleandSmoke
I didn't realise Toyota did one, that now means the Aygo is in the equation. I will check out their site.
 Scrappage. - Old Navy
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 Scrappage. - R.P.
Where are you with the Fiat R&S - do you want to start that new thread now ?
 Scrappage. - RattleandSmoke
Not sure if there is a lot of point yet, I can't do anything until I know I qualify and I won't know until the 26th of March. In the meantime I am having to keep the insurance running on the Corsa because its parked on the road and it has to be insured at the point of scrappage.

There are a few questions I have but I will make a new thread at the time probably in the next few days.
 Scrappage. - Crankcase
You're out of luck for Toyota swappage on an Aygo Rattle - it starts with a Yaris and up.
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