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 Potholes - ricardo
After the recent snow and ice, the roads where i live are an absolute mess. The roads just seem to be falling to pieces even on main roads. Potholes everywhere! I though about reporting them and searched around for the best possible route and came across this site:

It's ethos seems pretty sound - Hit a pothole, found a pothole, or just fed up with potholes?

That would be a yes to all three!

I have reported a couple of the major ones that i felt were a safety hazard as cars were swerving into to the oncoming traffic to avoid damage. The local council now seem to be on the case, albeit at a snails pace.

So the moral is, it is sometimes is worth taking the time out and report it instead of just moaning and hoping someone else will sort it.
 Potholes - Fenlander
It's a fair point but I'd need several sheets of A4 for my daily drive of 40miles. Thank goodness this pothole period saw me change to a car with higher profile tyres.

I actually have some sympathy for the highways departments given the massive and unprecedented rise in damaged roads since Christmas.
 Potholes - ilikecars
Got a new car. Wife took a roundabout in the snow and felt a crunch. Nasty gash in the alloys. I can see that's because the low-profile tyres mean that the rubber doesn't stick out so far beyond the wheel and so leave the rims more prone to damage. Very irritating. So much so that I took pictures of the pothole on the roundabout once the snow had melted. It was an enormous hole. I reckon some 5 ft long, 8 inches wide by about 5 inches deep just next to the roundabout kerb. The wheel had clearly dropped into this and banged up against the kerb damaging the rim.
I don't know if this is correct but there isn't much that we can do about it with respect to the council provided they fix it within their schedule. So those pictures weren't much use.
I see they have somewhat fixed the hole for now with a temporary sort of asphalt mix so it isn't quite so deep. Maybe if we had had higher profile tyres we wouldn't have had the damage. But it's irritating nevertheless.
Apparently they can fix the rim for £60 but I don't know it really will look the same. I mean, what do they fill the gash with?
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 Potholes - Fenlander
I thought the local authority could be liable in this situation... however god help their claims dept with the amount of potential damage out there.

Those alloy repair guys can often do an invisible job... not sure if they weld in alloy filler??
 Potholes - ricardo
i think they weld something in. then they will need re-spraying. I have had this done a couple of times at my local garage as i had a car with 18's on it and they were very prone to scratches and dents on the edge of the rim.

They had a company that comes round once a week to pick up alloys, then they turn them around by the next week fully refurbished and good as new for about £50 a wheel. Colour match was fantastic to the factory colour. Although, obviously you will need to run on a spare wheel while the alloy is away being fixed.
 Potholes - Old Navy
Hopefully we will see more of these.
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 Potholes - Webmaster
oops I think the redirector is missing... one moment
 Potholes - Webmaster
ok - sorted now.
 Potholes - Focusless

BBC version, with diagrams:
 Potholes - SLK500
I had a problem with a pothole during the icy weather and found this useful step to step guide really useful:

I reported the hole and it was fixed within a few days. I collected all the evidence, but when it came down to it felt that it would be difficult to win a claim because it all hinged on whether or not the Council were negligent in inspecting and maintaining the road. The pothole appeared, along with numerous others because of adverse weather conditions, and so I wasn't convinced that I would win the claim as prior to the snow the road was hole free. Needless to say at some point I will have to pay for the alloy wheel to be repaired, so perhaps I should have persevered and seen how successful a claim for compensation was.
 Potholes - Perky Penguin
The problem I have found, rather like the Dawn French scene in V of Dibley, is that one can drie thru a puddle and find that it conceals a massie pot-hole. Oh Bother!
 Potholes - Old Navy
Oh gloom, the car I have on order has drug dealer wheels and rubber band tyres. I will have to drive everywhere at 20mph zigzaging around the p'holes.
 Potholes - car4play
lol !
 Potholes - -
What are potholes anyway...Hilux don't mind 'em one bit...he said to test the water on anti 4x4 zealots..i hope the mod(s) have them caged up..;)

Navy have you dropped a clanger, is it too late to specify sensible wheels and tyre combo for the far reaches of barren heathernland.
Just thinking aloud there...i'm sure there have been discussions where the dealers have done some swapping for customers...most younger/dafter buyers want rubber bands, might be worth a chit chat.
 Potholes - Zero
I get the distinct feeling that SWMBO's clio has broken a front right spring in a pothole. It makes a loud distinct creeking sound from the R/H front side. It sounds like an Anti Roll bar bush but very much louder. No "TWANG" when you go from lock to lock tho.
 Potholes - Zero
As it turns out, It didnt break a sprig
 Potholes - Crankcase
>> As it turns out, It didnt break a sprig
Just as well - otherwise she might have had to replace it with a Leaf.
 Potholes - VxFan
>> As it turns out,

Holy thread resurrection Batman!
 Potholes - Clk Sec
>> >> As it turns out,
>> Holy thread resurrection Batman!

Berry good, that!
 Potholes - tyrednemotional
>> Holy thread resurrection Batman!
>>'s been lost down a pothole...
 Potholes - Duncan
>> >>
>> >> Holy thread resurrection Batman!
>> >>
>>'s been lost down a pothole...

It's Zero.

Dropping his camera, resurrecting twelve year old threads, where will it all end. Mark my words, he will finish up driving around in an old Beemer.
 Potholes - Runfer D'Hills
A green one at that
 Potholes - Zero
>> It's Zero.
>> Dropping his camera, resurrecting twelve year old threads, where will it all end. Mark my
>> words, he will finish up driving around in an old Beemer.

You will not it was in response to the joke about internet groups........
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 Potholes - Old Navy
Not so easy GB, The car has "motor driven power steering" which has to be programmed for the wheel size, (and engine) OK for a one off wheel swap, but not for winter / summer changeovers. I usually drive to avoid road defects, and even manhole covers etc. All part of the reading the road / anticipation / observation waffle, so would hope to avoid damage. :)
 Potholes - Runfer D'Hills
I have a Qash.. whoops, a small suv. It's very good at ignoring potholes. It can also get quite "big air" on speed humps too......
 Potholes - Ted
I have a 4WD on alloys and the tyres are by no means ' rubber bands ' but I felt my wheel ' bottom ' in a hole last week.......Heaven knows what you guys on expensive thin rubber must feel ... I have to conce'ed that it would be a pain to re-programme your new car ON.
 Potholes - Dave_
>> I have a Qash..

Figured you out now too, I wonder if the other one will have anyone left when (if?) it comes back up?
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