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 Isuzu D-Max Rodeo Denver - Truck bed paint - Dave
I've had enough of the plastic bedliner that came with it - poorly fitted, rubs all the paint off, slippery as hell. So have decided to paint it instead.

Only problem is, the usual bed paints seem to be impossible to find here in Sweden. Been quoted silly prices for shipping from england, or don't want to ship tins of paint etc.

But I've seen International Interdeck deck paint, that contains sort of sand to give some anti-slip, and is polyurethane based. Has anyone ever used this stuff? I don't carry much in it as a rule, so it doesn't have to be particularly hard wearing.
 Isuzu D-Max Rodeo Denver - Truck bed paint - Fenlander
Some of the boat paints might be good. My open boat has the interior floor area painted in a matt bilge paint. This is hard wearing and non-slip and easier to clean than the really gritty non-stick paints. Mind you like everything with boats it's expensive at around £16 per 750ml. Wears well with over two years of sand, 2-stroke spillage etc failing to damage it so far.
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Before you scrap/sell the placky liner, i found a custom cut thick rubber mat that fits over the liner floor on flea bay...must be 3/8ths inch thick and very strong, nothing slips at all in fact SWMBO complains that she has a job to pull boxes etc across the floor now...might be worth a look before you paint.
 Isuzu D-Max Rodeo Denver - Truck bed paint - Dave
Thanks guys. I already have a rubber mat in there, but the plastic one is still not very nice for a number of reasons.

The tailgate piece rubs the top of the tailgate, the inner piece has rubbed through the paint on the tailgate when closed, and if you remember from an old post on HJ, I've managed to get a convertable top for it, which means I have to cut some of the plastic inner away to fit the mounting clamps.

I think I'll try the deck paint first to see how it goes, and if worse comes to worse I can always stick the old liner back in or get it professionally lined on a trip back to blighty.
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